Twisted Puzzles Await You in this Horror-Filled Nightmare

SHANGHAI – November 17, 2017 – Your first childhood toy is out for revenge in Your Toy - a first-person horror puzzler now available on Xbox One for a limited-time discount of $11.99. From developer VIVA GAMES and publisher E-Home Entertainment as part of the ID@Xbox program, Your Toy features a deep narrative, intricate puzzles, and a chilling atmosphere that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Who could have guessed that your old childhood toy, your first friend, would become your worst nightmare?

Offering a fresh take on the puzzle genre with Asian-sourced horror elements, Your Toy delivers an experience western Xbox gamers rarely get to see. Set in a cold world filled with mystery, you wake up to find yourself trapped in a dark room with no way out. While searching for clues about your captor you start to receive cryptic messages hinting something sinister is at work. Where are you? Why did it kidnap you? What is it going to do with you? Only one thing is certain, playtime is over and your only shot at survival is to escape.

Run for your life through three dangerous levels featuring a dingy restroom, a creepy cave, and a chamber resembling your childhood bedroom. Each area is filled with a variety of deadly puzzles you must solve using only your wits and the environment. Some puzzles are randomly generated on each playthrough so you’ll never see the same solution twice. Be sure to investigate your surroundings for items and clues that reveal the story and can help you out of a tight spot.

Your Toy is sure to keep gamers guessing as they work to figure out clues and escape a psychological nightmare rooted in their protagonist’s childhood,” said Yao Kun, Producer at VIVA GAMES. “Our team worked tirelessly to create a horror game that will give you the creeps - Your Toy is the culmination of those efforts and it delivers.”

Key Features
  • Immerse yourself in a haunting first-person atmosphere
  • Escape from three dangerous environments, including a dingy bathroom, a creepy cave, and a chamber resembling your childhood bedroom
  • Solve randomly generated puzzles using only your surroundings
  • Search for items and discover the source of your childhood toy’s quest for revenge
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The F90 Walker Control Terminal includes the following features:

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2D MMORPG Warspear Online released on Steam

2017.11.07 - Russia, Kaliningrad. AIGRIND released its award winning pixel MMORPG Warspear Online on Steam providing best gaming experience and welcome gifts for current and new players. The game is distributed as a free-to-play model.

Primarily developed as a mobile game in 2008, Warspear Online is also available on desktop platforms, and up to 15% of playerbase play it on Windows, OS X and Linux. The main goal of this release is to provide existing players with the best gaming experience along with all Steam benefits, and expand audience by attracting desktop gamers who are lacking nostalgic MMORPGs now. It meets principles that AIGRIND has been standing for from the very beginning: making its games hardcore and elaborate on one hand, and easy to play anytime and anywhere on another.
Steam version of the game features:

- Adjustable screen size
- Automatic updates
- Nostalgic music
- Exclusive decorative costume for each entering player
- Steam achievements
- Steam trading cards, backgrounds, badges, emoticons
- Free DLC with welcome gift
- Windows, OS X and Linux support with automatic cloud data synchronization

Another significant benefit for players is that they can easily switch between desktop and mobile devices on Android, iOS or Windows Phone using the same login data and continue playing anywhere they have Internet access.  
BY ALEX GILYADOV GameStop has announced a new unlimited used game rental service, and it's launching next week.

According to an advertisement posted on ResetEra, the subscription service, called Power Pass, lets you rent a used game, return it, and then rent another title as often as you'd like over a six-month period. At the end of this six-month period, you'll get to keep any one of the games you rented.

The six-month service costs $60, which translates to $10 a month. Signups will begin on November 19, and the pass must be activated by January 31 of next year. The service is limited to GameStop's PowerUp Rewards members, but a free version of the membership will work.

You'll only be able to rent games from GameStop stores and not via the company's online library. You'll also be able to purchase the service for someone else, so as long as they too are a PowerUp Rewards member.

Plans for the Power Play service have since been confirmed to Polygon by a GameStop representative.

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