Pre-Orders for Exhilarating Parkour Platformer ‘Super Cloudbuilt’ Now Live on PlayStation 4

Dash through Three Full Stages and a Practice Arena

Teesside, England – July 11th, 2017 – Developer Coilworks and publisher Double Eleven announced today that Super Cloudbuilt, the sci-fi parkour platformer challenging players to leap and blast through stages as quickly as possible, is now available for pre-order on PlayStation 4 in North America for $19.99 UDS or $17.99 with PlayStation Plus:!/en-us/games/super-cloudbuilt/cid=UP4415-CUSA07009_00-CLOUDBUILTPLUS00.

Players who pre-order Super Cloudbuilt will instantly gain access to an exclusive demo containing a tutorial, three full levels and the Playground practice arena to refine their skills in ahead of the game’s launch on July 24th. An exclusive Super Cloudbuilt dashboard theme mirroring the game’s gorgeous visual style is also unlocked with every pre-order.
In Super Cloudbuilt, players sprint across stretches of disjointed platforms towering above a bottomless void as a young soldier named Demi. Though runners are free to take the time they need, Super Cloudbuilt’s true challenge is realized by nailing precise platforming and landing shots with Demi’s blaster as quickly as possible to claim a place at the top of the game’s leaderboards.
With Story, Ranked and Rush modes as well as a total of 177 challenges, Super Cloudbuilt offers a treasure trove of feats for players to master. Whether players opt to explore at their own pace or set world records on fire, Super Cloudbuilt is a vivid, invigorating experience sure to keep anyone at the edge of their seat.

For more information on Super Cloudbuilt, follow @doubleelevenltd on Twitter or check out .

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WWE 2K18 Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo fans have made it clear, they want WWE 2K games on their console of choice. And we’re happy to announce that we’re coming back!

WWE 2K18 will release on Nintendo Switch™ this fall. This marks the first time in five years that a WWE game has been on a Nintendo platform. The Nintendo Switch version features docked play on television and offers the first portable edition of a WWE game in six years.

Like the other available versions of WWE 2K18, it includes a whole host of new features.

Get ready for eight man matches, a new grapple carry system, new weight detection, thousands of new animations and a massive backstage area. A brand-new rendering engine also gives WWE 2K18 a visual overhaul and will bring the drama of WWE to life like never before.

A new MyCareer experience puts you on the path to greatness as you journey along on the road to WrestleMania.  Explore WWE like never before through free-roaming backstage, conversing with WWE Superstars, forming alliances, making enemies, seeking out quests, and strategizing for upcoming matches.

Can your MyPlayer make it to the WWE Hall of Fame?  Introducing the all-new Road to Glory. Compete with opponents online to improve your MyPlayer by earning unlockables, boosts and upgrades all while securing your entry into special events that are held alongside real-life WWE special events, such as pay-per-views.

Customize WWE like never before with an even deeper set of customization tools and the new Custom Match option. The robust Creation Suite also offers even more detailed features for Create-a-Superstar, Create-a-Video and Create-an-Arena.

Dominate the ring with tons of your favorite WWE, NXT and legendary Superstars.WWE 2K18 offers the most complete roster of the biggest and brightest WWE and NXT Superstars and Legends to ever grace a WWE ring.

To celebrate the good news, WWE 2K18 cover Superstar Seth Rollins appeared in a special video announcing the series’ return to Nintendo platforms and debut on the Nintendo Switch.

Give it a watch and stay tuned for more details on the Nintendo Switch edition of WWE 2K18.

Pre-Order WWE 2K18 and receive two playable versions of WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle: his WWE “American Hero” persona (2001) or his ECW “Wrestling Machine” persona (2006).

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The Anti-CNN Harassment Campaign Is Using the GamerGate PlaybookThis time the target isn’t video game reviewers. It’s families of reporters. And many of the same characters from the first time are back for Round 2.KATHERINE CROSS
07.07.17 4:20 PM ET
For Twitter users, the #CNNBlackmail flap has been hard to miss. Angry Trump supporters, furious that the network “forced” the originator of the Trump-wrestling-CNN GIF to apologize even though it didn’t, fixated on a single line in the story posted to CNN’s KFILE: “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should [his remorsefulness] change.” Cue the angry mobs that targeted not just the reporter of the story with death threats, but his wife and parents.

But for me, this all looked depressingly familiar. A mostly far-right swarm of Twitter users caterwauling about free speech, memes, and ethics in journalism? We’ve been here before.

Many of the same tactics and major players that made names for themselves in GamerGate—from Mike Cernovich to Weev—are being used to push a wide-scale harassment campaign against CNN.

In August of 2014 Eron Gjoni, the ex-boyfriend of Zoë Quinn, a game developer, posted a lengthy screed in which he falsely accused her of illicitly securing favorable reviews for her game. This touched off a tidal wave of abuse directed at her. At first, it all seemed like so many of the seasonal storms of harassment that women in tech are subjected to. Critic Anita Sarkeesian, veteran game developer Jennifer Hepler, and tech evangelist Adria Richards all had their turns as the monster-of-the-week for reactionary internet trolls heaping rape/death threats and slander upon them.

But the abuse around Quinn rapidly metastasized into something larger that attacked several people at once, and brought old targets like Sarkeesian back to the fore (she was eventually forced to flee her own home after detailed, specific threats were made). Using the fig-leaf provided by the false accusation about reviews, the attackers conjured a scandal about gaming journalism to justify their fixation on the female game developers and feminist critics they so hated. They called it #GamerGate.

This movement lasted for months, and constituted a new form of both online harassment and right-wing activism. Though GamerGate putatively drew its adherents from across the political spectrum, they would constellate around hatred of “political correctness” and feminism, and ally themselves with conservative and extreme-right voices.

GamerGate has mostly faded as a discrete force, but it was folded into what’s now become popularly known as the “alt-right” on Twitter. Many GamerGaters went on to become fervent Trump supporters, attracted to what they saw as his congenial hatred for the left and its “identity politics.” For the most prominent targets of GamerGate it isn’t over either, by the way, as Zoë Quinn’s moving personal essay “August Never Ends” attests to. The same people are still there, doing the same things they always have: spamming their targets with abuse, hounding their steps no matter how they try to move on with their lives.

Meanwhile the abusers have graduated to bigger, worse things.


This brings us back to #CNNBlackmail.

The unfolding “scandal” followed a familiar pattern. A pre-existing angry mob was mad online at a single person who they used as a stand-in for a cause célèbre. A fig-leaf of moral justification was found that could justify that rage. They gave it a name. Then they proceeded to do the very thing they accused their targets of doing. CNN threatened to dox someone, according to the Make America Great Again crowd. He was only 15! It was just a GIF! A corporation is bullying an ordinary American!

Fake or play up a moral outrage. Use that to justify pummelling the alleged offender with abuse. Rinse and repeat.


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However poorly chosen the words were in that CNN article, no one was actually doxed. Instead, in response, CNN employees weredoxed by their critics on 4chan and as a result they and their families have been subject to all manner of threats. This has been either scrupulously ignored or outright celebrated by the #MAGA crowd on Twitter, along with the wagon train of anti-Semitism that has followed along from people spewing the same hashtags.

This, too, echoes GamerGate agitprop, which routinely featured anti-Semitic imagery. Back then, many claimed it was mere ironic provocation, meant to upset people but nothing more. I never believed that, but these days even that pretense has been unceremoniously dropped.

Still, pretense matters. All of the MAGA trolls are claiming moral outrage, yet it’s difficult to square the fact that they’re all so performatively furious about CNN “threatening to dox” someone when their movement is so gleefully doxing others. Indeed, the president himself has singled out ordinary American citizens in such a way that has led to them being abused—the MAGA crowd remains silent on that, unwilling to even attempt to square that circle.

Many of the #CNNBlackmail boosters are, after all, old hands at this sort of thing.

Known Nazi, convicted hacker, and erstwhile GamerGater Andrew Auernheimer, posted his call-to-arms on The Daily Stormer:

“We are going to track down your parents. We are going to track down your siblings. We are going to track down your spouses. We are going to track down your children.”

Auernheimer, known as Weev online, once called GamerGate “the biggest siren bringing people into the folds of white nationalism.”

Meanwhile Mike Cernovich, an alt-right cheerleader, and major booster of the #CNNBlackmail hashtag, came to prominence during GamerGate.

One rallying cry posted to 4chan, which echoes the moral language of the #CNNBlackmail hashtag and dubbed “Operation: Autism Storm,” is eerily similar to point-by-point manifestos that appeared in the early days of GamerGate, which aimed to “destroy” media platforms like Gawker and Vox.

The self-evident moral hypocrisy from people who seem united by relishing in immoral behavior is another characteristic of this GamerGate-style reactionary movement. People who will think nothing of filling your social media with bigoted invective, and who call CNN’s doxing victims “sewer rats,” turn around and mount a moral high horse when they feel they’ve been wronged. It’s a performance, meant to make them look good for the cameras and unite the group around a shared purpose that justifies continued assault.

After all, the Reddit troll isn’t 15 years of age. He’s middle-aged. The former was made up, whole cloth, by people who knew it to be untrue and spread it into the water of right-wing Twitter. The claim was even amplified on Fox News and on Twitter by the president’s son, Don Jr.

Like the false claims about Quinn, it became so commonplace as to be widely believed, and even those of us tasked with sorting fact from fiction furthered the spread of the lie by having to debunk it. This is part of what both GamerGate and many MAGA trolls wish to do when they spread memes: distort reality and make the truth negotiable. With no common facts to be agreed upon, all that’s left is endless online warfare. Which suits them just fine.

The lies serve another purpose, as they did in the earliest manifestations of Big Lie fascism in the 20th century: promoting the ideas that must be true to justify extreme action. Thus the lie that the Reddit troll was a mere 15 years old becomes gospel because it cements CNN’s image as a bully picking on the weak, which stiffens the resolve of those who wish to heap abuse on CNN’s staff.

Such tactics know no political allegiance, but they have been used to spectacular effect in the last few years by an online extreme-right that has benefitted from social media platforms’ unwillingness to rein in their behavior, capitalizing mightily on years of Fox News-style outrage culture. The PizzaGate and Seth Rich conspiracies attract the same crowd, using the same tactics of promoting fear, doubt, and uncertainty while whipping up a mob. Indeed, PizzaGate almost ended in bloodshed.

That grisly reality puts the lie to the thin veneer of moral superiority that such groups justify their actions with.

GamerGaters thrived on casting feminists who worked in the video game industry as enemies oppressing gamers and gamer culture, yet it was GamerGate that made the lives of countless videogame developers a misery, scared people away from making new games, and attacked countless ordinary gamers.

One can see this same hypocritical strategy writ large in the #CNNBlackmail narrative, which pits “ordinary Americans” against the “fascist MSM,” even as these same righteous tribunes of the common man are actually making the lives of ordinary people worse.

This is now the reality of politics in our permanently online world, Potemkin morality uniting a swarm into a distributed, leaderless network that commits immoral acts. Combatting it requires us to keep faith with the truth, and recognize their shallow ethics for what they really are. A mere tactic.

The racing game experts at Codemasters announced today that the iconic vehicle manufacturer Renault will be represented with the 2006 Renault R26 in F1 ™ 2017 , the official racing game for the FIA ​​Formula One World Championship. Further classic cars will be presented in the coming weeks. 

Here is the trailer for the 2006 Renault R26 on YouTube:

In addition to a more comprehensive career mode, F1 ™ 2017 will also include numerous improvements in multiplayer, a brand-new championship mode, and the return of numerous classic Formula One cars. The 2006 Renault R26 will be playable in F1 ™ 2017 , which will be available on Steam and as a retail version on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on August 25,

  • 2006 Renault R26 - In the season of 2006 this model was driven by Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella. The R26 won 8 out of 18 victories, started seven times from the pole position and was able to record the fastest lap times five times. Overall, in the season no other vehicle won more victories than the R26. Alonso won the World Championship title this year, and Renault also claimed the Constructors' Championship for the second time in a row.

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99Vidas - The Game: Passed Sony QA and official release date coming

Beat ‘Em Up 99Vidas Coming To PS4 TM , PS3 TM and PS Vita ® , will be available soon on PlayStation®Store

São Paulo – July 03, 2017 – Brazilian developer QUByte Interactive in partnership with podcast 99Vidas has passed Sony QA and will release the beat ’em up 99Vidas – The Game on PlayStation®Store for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.
Watch gameplay trailer: 
99Vidas – The Game captures the excitement of beat ’em ups like Final Fight, Double Dragon, Battletoads, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage featuring 16-bit retro graphics to bring back the nostalgia of those great classics from the 80's and 90's.

Unlike more traditional Beat’Em Ups, 99Vidas features two attack buttons -  Punch (fast but weak) and Kick (slow but strong), which players can alternate  to perform different combos.

Character moves, including combos, can be upgraded by spending Experience Points acquired during gameplay, expanding damage inflicted, adding elemental damage, modifying the each character,  both visually and gameplay-wise.

Key Features
  • 11 Playable characters
  • Up to 4 players in Co-op (both local and online)
  • Story Mode with 6 levels
  • 2 Bonus Levels
  • 6 Challenging Boss Fights
  • Versus Mode
  • Multiple Upgradable skills
  • Multiple Weapons and Special Attacks
For more information, please visit:

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SpyWood HouseStudio Announces “Long Run: The Biggest Endless Runner”

Long Run is set to be the biggest endless runner game for mobile.

Johor Bahru, July 3, 2017 – SpyWood HouseStudio and JoeGames announces “Long Run”, an endless runner game for mobile. HouseStudio claimed that they are making the biggest endless runner game. Torhax System , a team of Malaysian developers also collaborated with HouseStudio in this project. The game is confirmed targeted only for mobile but it is unconfirmed on the operating system. Long Run will be published for Android and iOS but later on will expand on Windows Phone and Xiaomi. Long Run is a game made up of third party assets from the Unity Asset Store. The release date of Long Run is unconfirmed but HouseStudio is expecting to launch it on the mid of August 2017.

Motion captures animations are used for the character makes the movements of the character looks realistic. This endless runner game is so wide that players can do lots more things than actually running around the maps and collect items and money. The money collected in the game can be used to make investment in the invest menu. The crystals and perks collected in the game can be sold in the trade/sell menu. There are some mini games integrated inside Long Run allowing players to place bets and play the mini games to win more money than the placed bets.

There are a total of 5 different maps for players to play. HouseStudio will add more maps and more features including Online Multiplayer Mode in their Updates once the game has released.

Long Run Official Website: 

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