The Flesh God launches on Steam

THURSDAY 2 NOVEMBER 2017 /  11:00AM PDT / 7:00PM CET

November 2, 2017 – Spain EU – Nuberu Games launches The Flesh God in Steam today for Windows PCs.

The Flesh God is a hardcore action platformer where you shoot a massive gun to fly through deadly levels infested with mutant flesh. A big gun is all you need in The Flesh God: Shoot to launch yourself across the level, shoot to kill your enemies and shoot to live another day. The gun is used to convey all the movement and action through easy to learn but hard to master controls.
The Flesh God makes a spin on the platforming genre, makes the players think creatively on how to beat brutal levels using the force of their gun to move around. As they progress in the game, the gun will be upgraded with more shots before having to touch the floor to reload, allowing players to make even crazier stunts.

Shoot your way around, dodge bullets, tongues and teeth, and just when you think you’re safe, a truck-sized monster appears running to eat you. When that happens the best option is to leave the controller alone, take a walk, talk to some friends, think about your life choices... Then you'll be ready to try again.
The Flesh God is available through Steam for $2.99/2.99€ with a 15% launch discount for the first week.


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