I hate calling Xbox Support with a passion!! I hate the whole process, from the automated voice. Because It never understands what your speaking. And you can't skip it! They will have to send you a security code to verify your account. If you don't supply it? They will absolutely refuse to help you!Because what if you don't own a smartphone or a computer? You're Fucked!   Oh here is the best part, you won't speak to anyone in is the USA. So it will either be Asia or some other foreign country? You won't be able to understand their "broken English" and you will get very frustrated when speaking to these people. And you can ask for USA support representative? But you may or not get one. And then you're stuck with these assholes! Oh! did I mention that you will have to spell out everything!  So pick something very easy! And that goes for your Gamertag and Email. Oh! get used to your call being disconnected a lot. By either support or if they have to transfer your call? So it will probably take between 8 or more calls to get your issue resolved?!  And again this is all intentional, seriously. See all customer representatives, want to get YOU off the phone. As soon as possible so they pretend to help you? So they can tell their supervisor that they tried? Keyword "try," they tell you that they are there to "help you"? Seriously don't make me fucking laugh. Oh If you ask for their supervisor LOL!  see all customer representatives hate when you ask to speak to their supervisor. Because they don't want their supervisor to know, that they're not doing their job. Of the many times, I have called Xbox support. I have maybe talked to 5 maybe 6 good competent people.Out of the 100 phone calls I have made to Xbox support. That's pretty sad when you honestly think about it. And here the "thing" Xbox won't ever change the way they do things? And what this ends up doing in the end, is making its customers move over to PlayStation. And I can honestly say I never had this issue. I never got the runaround or the frustration. I had with Xbox.  So if you're reading this, my advice is stick with PlayStation. Peace! 


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