New Agent Trio lets the dolls dance

In the face of chaos, Persephone calls the Firing Squad!

If grace is not an option, morality can pose a question of visibility and reliability, then it's time for Scheherazade, Oni and Kingpin - or the FiringSquad . 

The trailer for reporting on YouTube:

Ladies first: About the mysterious Assassin Scheherezade , the wildest rumors are circulating. No one knows the truth or the face behind the mask; No one except of course Persephone Brimstone. Sheherazade as well as fatally as well as movably puts on her sword and her throwing knives, if it is legion to fillet. Like a shadow that blows through the night, it disappears from the field of view of its opponents, only to show up behind the surprised enemies a few seconds later, and to disassemble them as cleanly as a Japanese cook a ball fish. 

If the distance is too big or bullet hail, Scheherazade can always rely on the support of their criminal colleagues. One of them is Oni, son of a Japanese merchant, Who has learned his craft in the networks of organized crime. The sight of his Mempo-mask alone gives him an aura of fear that weakens enemies. In combination with his sound-dampened pistol, he spreads so badly under Legion's troops. 

No less "gangster" but - in his own opinion - more style, that is Kingpin, the third in the league of the Firing Squad . Born under the name Pierce Washington in Stilwater, Persephone recruited the would-be hip hop star. Free according to the motto: Style beats talent, Kingpin spreads the volleys of his machine pistol loosely from the wrist. To the top form, however, he runs up, if he challenges the opponents in the truest sense to the dance-battle thanks to his music - the Dubstep Gun sends greetings. Dancing enemies can not know how to run away or fight back. 



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