The original Batman aka Adam West, has passed away at the age of 88. Due to his "brief" battle with Leukemia:( So I have decided to post some video's and some articles.  And I will be posting my fond memories with Adam west:)  

Adam West, Batman to a generation of TV fans, passed away last week. One of his final roles was a fittingly comic guest role on NBC's Powerless in an episode which never made it to air. DC All Access is proud to present this episode in its entirety for a limited time as a tribute to West and his DC legacy.

Can't forget the 1966 Batman Movie;) 

Can't forget what started it all, the 1966 TV show:) 

My favorite episode's involved, Frank Gorshin  as the Riddler;) 
But you couldn't forget, Cesar Romero as the Joker;) And that "wild mustache" of his.
Let's also not forget that, this show also gave birth to Batgirl Yovnne Craig:) 

And speaking of Burgess Meredith aka the Penguin. He has the most appearances on the TV show in it's 3 year run. In fact the writers, would often have a script ready. Just in case Burgess was in town. 


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