Really quick note here, this Rant,Rave and Review. Is not written by me. But by my friend Harley:) She is the first I hope, of many guest reviewers? So enjoy;) 

So, I have played Manhunt, and I have beat it several times. I love that game, it is challenging, and hilarious. I found it hard to pass certain levels, but I never gave up. Granted some people didn't like Manhunt, because of some of the 'criminals' in there, were murderers, pedophiles, and such other things. When Manhunt first came out, it got a lot of bad comments, and critique, by people who went by the advertisement, and video only, not by playing it. I PREFER to judge the game by playing it. So I bought Manhunt, and I absolutely LOVED it. It is amazing. There are A LOT worse games out there, with more horrific scenes, and violence.  So, when I found out that there was a Manhunt 2, I got excited about it. Because some sequels of certain games, are just as good, or better than the original. (In my opinion, like Resident Evil, and Halo, etc). So I was waiting for Manhunt 2 to come out. When it came out, I was one of the first of many to buy the game. And when I began to play, my exact thought was "WHAT THE FUCK???" It COMPLETELY derailed from the original story line. (Except for that your character isn't dead, but faked death). Other than that, everything was complete bullshit. He went from going to survival, and killing those who DESERVED to die, to becoming someone's bitch/lap dog, doing fucking missions, and being someone's submissive in general.  Manhunt turned into a COMPLETE pussy. And THAT is what made Manhunt 2 EXTREMELY disappointing. If I was someone who could take Manhunt 2 OFF of the market, as if it NEVER existed, I would have done it. This was the WORST game ever made. I bet there are people who don't agree with me, and think that there are other games are worse than Manhunt 2 out there. And you're allowed to think that, and you can disagree with me. But just proves, if you like Manhunt 2, you know NOTHING about being a good or even GREAT gamer... Sincerely, Harley Quinn THE MOTHERFUCKING QUEEN



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