Well when it rains, it fucking pours:(  I have had and incredibly shitty week to say the least. Let's see it started off, that I got denied the beta for Marvel Hero's Online beta for the Xbox One. I had an "infraction from Xbox live" I get told what I can and can't post on the Marvel Heroes Forum and now I get this "shit" 
 I'm messaging to let you know that we are removing your account’s media status on Terminals due to a lack of recent original content on your website, annihilationgaming.com. This does mean that you are now unable to request codes, however your Terminals account is still up and you’re still able to access keys you’ve already received. If you start producing regular original content and reviews again, you can reapply for media status at which point we’ll look over your account and reconsider you for media status.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you have a great day.


Matt Broitman // Evolve PR

Let me tell you something in my defense, 1st of there is no such thing as "Original Content" when it comes to the internet? It's all cut,copy and paste. Well unless, you make something totally up?  Now I will give them that, one "thing" I haven't done many reviews of late. And there are a couple of reasons 1.I relied way to much on Evolve on getting review codes. I got some but, not a lot. 2. I lost my Gamefly/Gamerang renting connection so all have left is Redbox for reviews. You may look at sites like IGN, N4G , Kotaku and I hate to break it to you but there stories? Come from the Game Press. And from there, those not Game Press member's basically steal or rip-off  from other sites and post it there own. 
Have a nice day, Annihilation Gaming
P.S. How's that for "recent original content";) 


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