Finally! Thor is wearing his, fucking helmet:) About damn time, IF you ask me? And he finally looks like Thor from the comic-books. 


bones wolfi
04/16/2017 4:39pm

hey it is finally about time he wore his helmet and its funny he fights hulk lol and love the site by the way

04/19/2017 3:24am

Agreed about him finally wearing his, helmet. And it also makes sense too so, maybe that's why or maybe Marvel/Disney "cracked" down on it?

A lot times the reason is, a lot of the actor's faces can't be seen? And here is the thing when I go see a Super Hero movie , I want to see Iron Man and not necessary Tony Stark all the time. Look at Tom Hiddleston , the actor that plays Loki. He wears the "helmet" because that's the character of Loki.

And sure it probably weighs a lot , but he still wears it. Same with Hela Goddess of Death, she too wears the headdress in the movie. Most actor's are concerned about "well they can't see my face" and to me and also you. he doesn't look like Thor without the helmet.

And some fanboy's would also argue that in, certain comics he doesn't wear it. All the time? I don't really care IF he wears it for 5 seconds in the movie? As long as he's finally wearing it:)

And as for the site, thanks you for those kind words:) I will be making some big changes to the site , later this year? Plus I will have a brand new spanking theme , coming soon?

Sincerely, Annihilation Gaming TM


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