Every time I go to my local Gamestop , and when I talk to the employees there. I usually enjoy the conversation? With some exceptions of course. And most of the time I feel that my IQ , drops a least 20 points give or take. And this particular employee who, will re name nameless. The conversation started about Star Bores and then it turned to Dead Island 2. And we were talking about the game, and there 2 other customers involved in the conversation. And he was so convinced that Jack Black was voicing, one the characters in Dead Island 2? Plus he also said it was finally coming out this year. Now I hadn't heard anything recent about the game? I knew it was still in, development hell, and I hadn't heard the game had been cancelled. So this was news, to my ears. Now I will admit most of the time , I would love to a Gamestop employee to "simply shut the fuck up" and also tell them they are so wrong, and they don't have a fucking clue as to what they're talking about? But un fortunately I can't do that? because I would be banned from Gamestop.  So I have to "bite my tongue" which annoys the living piss out of me:( To no avail. So next time when I go in, when this particular employee is working? I am going to properly "educate" him, and show him my proof so he will stop saying that Jack Black is in Dead Island 2. 


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