I have been censored in the last 24 hours by Xbox Live and now the Marvel Heroes Online Forum:(  I am really getting tired of this. So here is what the ass clowns had to say on the MHO forums.

AgentFenixion April,29

We're messaging you because we have edited the following post you made:

Well it's, officially Friday and still nothing? This blows! Good thing I have the PC version to fall back on. By the time they finally announce, the xbox beta? I think I will no longer care:( Now that doesn't mean , I won't be playing the game when it launches?

See the thing is, I have gamed my whole life and that's before a lot of you were ever born? I have never heard of a "staggered release" before?

I'm simply not buying it. And I think it's complete bs. As a rule most betas are, within a week of each other? When it comes to the 2 consoles. That's what they might be telling "us" but honestly I think it's more about $$$$$$. Let's hypothetically say that, the xbox one beta will start on the 16th of May? That's still to long of a time, in my opinion.

The other rumor(s) from the PC forum, is that they are going to focus on the PS$4 version first an get. It completely launched, before they even touch the Xbox One version. And let's talk about, what else Gazillon gave with there excuse? That they are not a large enough studio, to do both beta's at the same time?

Deep Silver is a small gaming company as well, and yet they brought out Dead Island on the ps3 and 360 at the same time. Same goes for Dying Light. Cryptic Studios brought STO to bothe consoles , at the same time with a week of each other.

Let's put it another way, let's say that this came out on Xbox One first? Then the PS4 crowd, would be the ones complaining about "it not being fair". Or let's say that Rockstar said at e3 , that Red Dead Redemption 2 wasn't coming to the PS4, because of a "staggered release".

No one want's to understand , that I have every right to be ticked,frustrated and just plain disappointed in Gazillion.

Personally I doubt we'll get to play the xbox one beta until Summer IF were lucky and the final version this fall or even winter? Or maybe until not, until next year. But what I find even more "disgusting" is that Gazillion, isn't saying anything at all. And that's a 1,000 worse. But's a good thing my "craptop" was actually able to run the PC version? And that Conan Exiles is do out soon.

Please note that while we understand you may become frustrated with the game at times, that such posts are on the borderline of being rude and are not allowed. We ask that you be constructive and respectful with your criticism.

Thanks for your understanding.

And to that, I say FUCK YOU! 


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