Note: As a rule , I usually don't post other game reviews? That are not my own for. several reasons. 1. Spoilers 2. A lot of self entitled fanboy's, and I gotta give you a head's up because. Dan Stapleton the guy that reviewed this, is coming off like a total fanboy. And he get's payed, to write reviews. The other reason is, I am still on the fence about this game? My "gamer sense" is telling me, that they're might be something to his rant? I just don't know? And IF I do play? It won't be until at least Friday or next week before I start playing. As a personal note about myself as a reviewer, you have to keep an open mind and be completely non-biased and your "personal" issues with a game? That isn't a factor, well at least in my opinion. Enjoy:) 


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