Everyone knows that February tends to be, a bit light or slow  when it comes to gaming?  So I will be listing what's coming out for each platform Xbox,PS4, PC etc..  all of these dates are schedule to change? Also iF there is no release date next to a game? There has been no "official" release date yet? And this comes straight from the GP. IF you want anymore info, about these games? I will see what I can find? On request:) 

February 2017 
All Platforms 
 Ni-OhPS4SonyFeb 7, 2017 SplasherPCThe SidekicksFeb 7, 2017WWE 2K17PC2K GamesFeb 7, 2017VR Ping PongPS4 (online)Merge GamesFeb 8, 2017PostknightAnKurechiiFeb 9, 2017PostknightiOSKurechiiFeb 9, 2017IdioctopusAnBadgerHammerFeb 10, 2017IdioctopusiOSBadgerHammerFeb 10, 2017IdioctopusPCBadgerHammerFeb 10, 2017Touhou Genso WandererPS4NIS AmericaFeb 10, 2017Touhou Genso WandererPSVNIS AmericaFeb 10, 2017Typoman: RevisedLinBrainseed FactoryFeb 10, 2017BOORPCBadland GamesFeb 14, 2017iOPS4GamiousFeb 14, 2017iOWPGamiousFeb 14, 2017iOXOGamiousFeb 14, 2017MX NitroPCMiniclipFeb 14, 2017MX NitroPS4MiniclipFeb 14, 2017MX NitroXOMiniclipFeb 14, 2017Persona 5PS3Deep SilverFeb 14, 2017Persona 5PS4Deep SilverFeb 14, 2017Red Barton & The Sky PiratesAnSchism WorldwideFeb 14, 2017Red Barton & The Sky PiratesiOSSchism WorldwideFeb 14, 2017Red Barton & The Sky PiratesMacSchism WorldwideFeb 14, 2017Red Barton & The Sky PiratesPCSchism WorldwideFeb 14, 2017Cossacks 3PCRavenscourtFeb 15, 2017The WardrobeMacAdventure's PlanetFeb 15, 2017The WardrobePCAdventure's PlanetFeb 15, 2017MimicsAnNavelFeb 16, 2017MimicsiOSNavelFeb 16, 2017RealpolitiksMac1CFeb 16, 2017RealpolitiksPC1CFeb 16, 2017MU LegendWebWebzenFeb 21, 2017Ys OriginPS4DotEmuFeb 21, 2017Ys OriginPSVDotEmuFeb 21, 2017Sublevel Zero - ReduxPS4Merge GamesFeb 22, 2017Sublevel Zero - ReduxXOMerge GamesFeb 22, 2017Dad QuestPCExcaliburFeb 23, 2017Dungeon RushersAn (online)Goblinz StudioFeb 23, 2017Dungeon RushersiOS (online)Goblinz StudioFeb 23, 2017Shadows of AdamLinSomething Classic GamesFeb 23, 2017Shadows of AdamMacSomething Classic GamesFeb 23, 2017Shadows of AdamPCSomething Classic GamesFeb 23, 2017The ExiledLin (online)Fairytale DistilleryFeb 23, 2017The ExiledMac (online)Fairytale DistilleryFeb 23, 2017The ExiledPC (online)Fairytale DistilleryFeb 23, 2017Berserk and the Band of the HawkPC (online)KOEI TECMOFeb 24, 2017Berserk and the Band of the HawkPS4KOEI TECMOFeb 24, 2017Berserk and the Band of the HawkPSV (online)KOEI TECMOFeb 24, 2017Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch: Tyranid InvasionPS4Rodeo GamesFeb 24, 2017
Torment: Tides of NumeneraPCTechlandFeb 28, 2017Torment: Tides of NumeneraPS4TechlandFeb 28, 2017Torment: Tides of NumeneraXOTechlandFeb 28, 2017Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns3DSXSEED GamesFeb 28, 2017AaeroPCMad FellowsFeb 2017AaeroPS4Mad FellowsFeb 2017AaeroXOMad FellowsFeb 2017Forged of BloodPC (online)Critical ForgeFeb 2017Ghost Blade HDPCHucastFeb 2017Ghost Blade HDPS4HucastFeb 2017Ghost Blade HDWiiUHucastFeb 2017Ghost Blade HDXOHucastFeb 2017Hyper KnightsMacEndless Loop StudiosFeb 2017Hyper KnightsPCEndless Loop StudiosFeb 2017Knights of ValourPS4GamesInFlamesFeb 2017Sniper Elite 4PCUI DigitalFeb 2017Sniper Elite 4PS4UI DigitalFeb 2017Sniper Elite 4XOUI DigitalFeb 2017SplasherMacThe SidekicksFeb 2017Spot it!Dobble ChallengesAnAsmodee DigitalFeb 2017Spot it!Dobble ChallengesiOSAsmodee DigitalFeb 2017Trulon: The Shadow EngineXO (online)Headup GamesFeb 2017Uncanny ValleyPS4Digerati DistributionFeb 2017Uncanny ValleyPSVDigerati DistributionFeb 2017Uncanny ValleyXODigerati DistributionFeb 2017Vertical Drop Heroes HDPS4Digerati DistributionFeb 2017Vertical Drop Heroes HDPSVDigerati DistributionFeb 2017Vertical Drop Heroes HDXODigerati DistributionFeb 2017Vive le RoiPCMeridian4Feb 2017


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