Playing Online with your "Friends" 

I have noticed when it comes to playing online with your "friends" is a frustrating affair, to say the least.
I noticed It's a lot of take and not enough give? I have talked to a lot of gamer's and it pretty much boils down to what they're "friends" are doing? And it really shouldn't be that way, in fact I would get some fucking friends pronto.

Case in point, I had a good friend and I even consider him a "close friend" and we met back on PS4. He was in my Neverwinter Guild and that's where we met and became friends. And after I "disbanded" my guild , we still remained friends. And we started playing other games like E.S.O and Star Trek Online. And he knew I had played DCUO off and on and even though he didn't care for the game? 

He was still willing to play it with me. And that's what makes him so "awesome" I see this all the time with that "struggle" and fucking frustration of trying to get everyone to play online at one time? And omg! it is so annoying! 
See part of playing with "friend's" online , is there has to be give and take on both sides" IF not? Then why fucking bother at all.

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