So far the new TV season, has been complete shit! As far as I am concerned. But tomorrow is the start of all the CW superhero shows:)  Supergirl,Arrow, The Flash and yes even L.O.T:P  I am most excited for Supergirl Season 2 for a couple of reasons 1. it's now going to be on the CW network instead of CBS, It will be very interesting to see how the "production" value of the show will be? 2. Superman! I am totally a Superman fan, in fact I will take Supes over Batman any day:P And the guy they got to play him, Tyler Hoechilin  looks like Superman stepped out the comic-book. And speaking of Arrow season 5 , I was one the fence with season 4 and I told myself at the beginning IF it sucked shit! yest again? I would stop watching Arrow all together and even posted this on the official CW page. Thankfully it didn't disappoint , last year. SO I will be watch all of the shows hopefully on the "brand new" CW app? A lot people like the Netflix Marvel Superhero shows and I got say, I don't care for them at all. I watch "Superhero shows" to superhero's doing "superhero thing's" IF I want "grounded in reality" I will watch Arrow. And I am usually a Marvel Guy over DC, but not in this case. See my biggest gripe was with Arrow in the past , every flippin season he had to "save his city" but then I realized that's what the Flash does as well. Except with flipping Speedsters:(  Plus this is a very old comic-book trope anyways , to re-use an idea several times.  I think the highlight for me is that Tobin Bell aka Jigsaw will be the "voice" of one of the big bad's this year:)  And I am willing to give Legends of Tomorrow another shot? Even though I got so fucking board , half way the season and stopped watching.  Basically 1. the Justice Society and 2. The L.O.D legion  of doom;) and it looks finally "lightening up" and give us what we were promised with those early trailers from last season.  I know that each and everyone is a "drama" based show but, you gotta take a page from SG and keep it light. So here are some video's too hopefully get you in the mood:)   Peace Out!


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