There is this asshole that goes by the handle @kreatyve and apparently the "dumbshit" can't even spell "creative" properly.  But the real "issue" here is that this fucker and the rest of them really have it out for me. Always busting my chops on the forums. I really getting to the point, I am about to tell them to literally GO FUCK THEMSELVES! And you know this fucker is enjoying it too.  So here is the latest "issue" with these losers! 

So I started calling people " peanut gallery" and it I was told it was offensive and rude!  Trust me I will show you rude , you motherfucking assholes!  
This is what I posted, note it's "edited" by the moderators Note: the admins,mods can move this post , IF they so choose to do so?

But here is the $64.000 dollar question? I started using one "build" but it was different or not updated ? Not 100% sure. So I found 2 other builds , and I am using a combination of both right now. Like all MMO games , it will ultimately come down to gear. But at the same time , powers and feats and boons will matter. This question is aimed at the NW vets. and what IF a whole new build comes out? I know they're based on opinions, but what about fact and I can anyone recommend a good PVE/PVP build ? Most the one's I have found are PVE only. Thanks:)

And this is what the Ass wipe had to say , and to that I say FUCK YOU! 

kreatyve 11:27AM
Greetings, demigodgamer.

This is to inform you that the above quoted material has been edited. Such does not add anything productive to the Community and is considered trolling and/or flaming. Please keep in mind that if what one is about to say is at all rude or insulting, then do not post it. It truly is that simple.

Please stop referring to your fellow players as "the peanut gallery". It's rude and disrespectful.

While we welcome all opinions and feedback; positive, negative, and neutral alike - we ask that you provide it in a respectful manner and be constructive in your conveyance of it. There is never any reason to be rude or insulting when conveying feedback, giving opinions, or when having discussions in general.

Please take some time to review our Rules & Policies and Guidelines of the forums, as they may have changed since you last read them and be more mindful of your posting manner in the future. Thank you!

@kreatyve - PWE Community Moderator

And again let's point out, the dumb shit can't spell "creative" correctly LOL! 
Ultimately , I will get banned from the forums but again, I really don't care. Because it's better putting up with this shit! 



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