So I know have put in about 30 hours of game time, so this is what I think about 7 days to Die?   

This game can get boring, very quick like. Especially after the "initial" 25 hours. But then again I am not to surprised , considering this game has no real goal? except to survive. That's means no main quests or side quests , it's all about survival and crafting. I would like to take a moment , in my review to mention the "official forums" they are real joke of course and it's full of the typical assholes aka self-entitled gamer's and there staff are a bunch of clueless fucks to boot.  IF you want to see for yourself you can check them out here , but prepared for the typical forum bullshit as usual. See when I want to learn or know about an online community? The first thing I do is check out the "official forums" it usually gives me a pretty accurate read of the online community as well. And the read I got was toxic, with a capital T.  They being the administrators and  moderators do a decent job in policing the forums. But a lot is left to be desired. Recently I go into an argument with one of these forum shit heads and I am the one who got busted:( That is so typical , of these shit forums. 

I have yet to do any real online play, I did met few people from the website. Problem is that , 1. they are quite rude , I asked politely to be give a heads up. When someone sent a freind request to me, and that was completely ignored, So I have taken my name off that list, since  that.

I would also like to mention a rumor? Or in this case a scandal as to supposedly the game was never finished before it was released, to consoles. Now The Fun Pimps deny this "rumor" but the gamer's in general are still crying Bullshit!  Now luckily , I didn't have any real issues with my PS4 copy?  But a lot of others did. And of course, they bitched and whined like a bunch of self-entitled brats that they are.  But then again that's nothing new when it comes to gaming.  Various sites offered work around's and the game was recently patched.    But it still wasn't good enough for those self-entitled losers.  I know I am talking about the actual game 7D2D ? but what is there to exactly talk about?   

7D2D is basically Minecraft meets zombies with some FPS combat thrown in for good resume.  And that can be very addicting to the loyal players of 7D2D.  Most players I have seen have said 150+ hours and 2200+ hours ? 

Just wow ! and apparently these gamer's have played anything of real substance before like Dead Island 1 , Heavy Rain , Beyond 2 Souls and Until Dawn.  and it's quite obvious they boring and repetitive tasks in games as well.  Now that's not necessary a bad thing , making up your own game and game world and game rules. But for hardcore gamer's like myself , I need a lot more with my gaming. There are "challenges" mostly timed and they result in an extra skill point, if you succeed.   

So what's the TRUTH about 7D2D , well this is one for the Minecraft and FPS fanboys  as well. But again hardcore gamer's and others like myself . Will eventually get bored with this game and they will go and play something else and a lot better. So as to my rating , I give 7D2D a big old FANBOY! 

Peace Out;)


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