Look, stop me IF you have heard all of this before? Gaming like anything, is a business. And it's no#1 job is to make $$$ , it's simple as that. So Bethesda is now trying to "defend" their $60.00 price tag on their Skyrim re-mastered edition. Look, we all have bought a re-mastered edition or two.And the thing is ends up being some piss poor port of the game. And of course that money is wasted yet again? And I already know and probably like other's  know , this being Bethesda that nothing will be fixed? Like the extremely long loading times that Skyrim has. Sure it will have it's graphics updated and it will include all the dlc and even mod support. But with ongoing issues that Fallout 4 has with mod support:(  I rather be playing this on the xbone. And since it's a business , Bethesda can charge what ever they want? Plus, they already know that the stupid masses will pay it. LOL! 
Now more then likely , I will pick up this re-master myself, at some point in time. But I think I will wait , until right around Xmas ? Because they might! drop the price? But at the same time , we are talking about Bethesda here. Plus I also have no delusions, that this re-master will probably suck. Big time! But, we will see? 

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