This is a TRUE STORY, re posted from the 7 Days to Die website

7 Days to Die, "horror stories"This is  me blowing off some steam, that is all. I just wanted to share what I went through to get MY copy of 7 days to Die that's all. P.S. It's going to be long , so strap in 

OMG! where do I begin lol! I pre-order mine at Gamestop , now I knew it came it out on the 28th of June but I wasn't going to get into the 1st OK? I know about the hold it for 48 hours policy , but I got permission from the manger before she went on vacation do pick it up on the 1st. Problem was a certain employee who shall remain nameless Decided to sell my pre-order copy regardless , now I trusted the "dude" and told him I got permission and called and everything and still he sold it! I was livid to say the least. I already don't like the guy to begin with and every time I talk to him, I feel my IQ drop 10 points when I talk to him. 

So I went in on Friday the 1st to pick up my copy and I was told they didn't have it in stock , but they were willing to call other stores to find me a copy OK? Now I learned 2 things that day 1. I now hate the employee , for selling my copy. 2. pre-orders can include the store copy  See the store copy is like getting used food OK? I will take begrudgingly , IF I didn't pre-order a game. But getting the store copy is not what I pre-order for, that was the whole point OK? Now it turns out that this jerk had not conveyed my wishes to the other managers , even though I trusted him and he said he would. 

So I happen to happen to be real good friends with the previous manager , i have know him for over a decade and in the beginning he invited me to his WoW guild when I 1st met him so we are very tight OK. I live with PTSD OK, and I knew I called call him and vent my frustration to him and there would be no repercussions to my actions. 

See I was trying to call the home office to complain but OMG! they were so busy I was on hold for 3 hours + and I kept getting the call disconnected , because it was India I think and they don't tolerate "american behavior" every word is profanity to them so you cab imagine my growing frustration. 

But THEY themselves are quite rude, so between that frustration I needed to do "something' and I happen to be a credited game press member , so my feedback can be quite damaging to business. So I had was preparing to do some "nasty PR" IF I had to. Which reminds me I have to back and fix my post , my Gamestop will read it so I will update it shortly.

 So back to my situation, so at one one point I told one of the managers I was going to digital download it IF I had too , but again I hate having to settle on anything. In fact i told the same manager , "I was never going to pre-order a game ever again" And I relay did mean it. I don't really care about pre-order bonuses, they're a nice perk but fro me it's about the game.

In fact I had my manager friend call over to see what he could possibly do? And smooth things over lol! So one of the other managers drove to Michigan I think to pick up the store copy so I could have it Friday. Now the other assistant manager I think lol! whom I am good friends with as well, is the one that gave me the 10% discount and the other manger is the one that gave the extra skins code and drove out and met me at my local Circle K . So i could have the game , made sure *we* were were all on the same page as to what was going on? So I should! get my "unsealed copy" next week LOL! Thanks. So.... anyone else care to share? 

Update: they did "share" and it was very rude , but not surprising to me at all. I'll share some later:P 



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