Why bother pre-ordering? Well, it's so you can get whatever "lame ass bonus" for pre-ordering. Which has nothing to do with the game at all. Pre-order bonuses range from lame ass map packs , to weapons , character skins. Again all pointless. See the "real" point in pre-ordering is so you have have a guaranteed copy of game waiting for you at the store. 
I am going to share my most recent visit to Gamestop, and how because of an "warehouse issue" I wasn't able to pick my game up today:( So they offer me the store copy?! Fuck ! what's the point of pre-ordering a game. I tell you this, no one want's the "store copy" it's like getting a "used condom" and no one want's a used condom. And does Gamestop really give a shit? No. See where I live there are only 2 places to get games from, Walmart and Gamestop and that's it. I fucking hate ordering on  the internet. It's good thing we have "digital copies" because that's what i ended up doing was buying this via "digital download" I did't get me pre-order bonuses:( But , oh well. At least I will get to play the game, this weekend. I also called Gamestop's headquarters , and chewed some ass out. Plus I got a little poetic justice , in writing this post. So once again, I say FUCK PRE-ORDERS! 

P.S. I have since "updated" under the post http://www.annihilationgaming.com/1/post/2016/07/from-the-mind-of-annihilation-gaming-my-gamestop-horror-story.html


07/03/2016 10:26pm

Yeah fuck it! I never liked pre order either since it since the wait also kills and when the game really comes, it is not even sure if it would be really what it claims to be...

For me I even went a step further when I used to play console and had new games come out...I actually block myself from reading about new games reviews, upcoming games etc and only focused on new game that is already out. That way I get excited over game that already exist and can just get it right away, no waits etc. It worked very well for me.

No pre orders, no preview upcoming games, none of that just review of new games that already out....makes my life more easier lol :)


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