Even though I have my personal feeling's about, streaming in general. And I only know one exception to that "rule" my buddy LifeSpiller79:) Most streaming is absolutely pointless. I wish we we had the ability to turn of streaming to our PS4's but unfortunately we can't. And here's why. Because Youtube, Twitch etc... they either have made a deal and more then  likely paid to do so. It's like trying to skip commercial's in live TV. There right there under the game , your currently playing. Which sucks ! Big time , when you have never played the game. I am not a self-entitled gamer , and to me it's spoiling the game. Plus I come before the generation of gaming way before YouTube and other streaming services. Now in the past I have been just OK , with streaming on the Ps4.  But then I might quite a few assholes too boot, Ron Mexico and Kay Key. And the deal is they're often drunk of there collective asses to pay attention to their stream.  Of course you also have to deal with trolls and a lot of white knighting . And then they make the mistake of getting people to moderate their streams? Which is huge mistake, in my opinion.  I mean if your that fucking drunk,stoned or whatever? You have no real business running a stream. And plus it's mostly for attention purposes anyways. One thin I recently learned with Kay Key is a lot of them are "desensitized" see what happened was? Up until yesterday , I was still "friends" with Kay Key and some little ass wipe called Final something ? Any way's I stopped by briefly just to say Hi:) Then I gave my opinion about the game, simply the truth and of course. This Final douche , started to act all "offended" and said I was ruining his good time?? What a little shit!  Then I come to find this , little fucker! is one of her Mod's apparently? So I stop by today and I noticed everything typing in chat is being ignored in chat. So I figured , it was because of the bullshit yesterday? So I contact Kay Key and let her know what's going on. And of course I am pretty upset!  And I don't threaten at all ,but I do cuss a bit and then she tells me to "chill" and of course the assholes in chat are "egging" her on. Final apparently get's death threat's and rightly so. So in the end we ended blocking each other both? And of course I reported her steam too boot. "Sigh" It's very UN fortunate that , shit like that happens so easy now a days:( Over some simple miscommunication. 

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