A review to follow, but in the meantime enjoy the trailer;) 

First of all let me start by saying this game was a refreshing change of pace , from other ''zombie'' games:)  I haven't felt this much tension since I played the original Dead Island. I can see why this is a under rated game?
not because it's a bad game. Quite the opposite, it's really good. Like in the Dark Souls and Demon Souls game's "prepare to die!" One of the most useful and innovative is this scanner you acquire in the beginning of the game. And there was something similar too it in Resident Evil Revelations 1 . And it allowed you to basically scan the environment , and it serves many purposes. One it it can detect enemies , and second it can let you know where the valuable loot is in containers, enemies and so on. It saves so much back tracking;) Of course you have a torch aka flashlight, and it's rechargeable thankfully. But it dose attract enemies, so using your scanner make more sense. Personally I wish, all games had that ability:)

Now your weapons consist of a cricket bat, shovel, gun , shot gun etc...
you have flares and Molotov cocktails as well. But here is where it get's tricky and I consider this the only "flaw" in the game. Each survivor is different when it comes to skills. And every time you die,  it resets:( 

And like a good RPG, you have to use a particular skill to get better. 

Another thing I wanted to point out that this game does that most zombie games don't do as a rule. One , you can kill animals and eat them for survival. And second you can actually "board up doors" which is pretty cool. And in game lol! I ate a rat:P and the guy that's guiding me? Warned me I could get sick , IF I ate this rat:P And it dose take a little bit from your health when a dead rat or bird;) But when your desperate, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive. And I actually like that, usually you only see that in Fallout Games and Elder Scroll games. Another piece of important equipment is your B.O.B or bug out bag. In which you keep your supplies, and of course you have limited space. But you will be able to upgrade it later in the game. 

Now I did mention you will die in this game allot now the interesting part is when you die, you become one of the UN Dead. And you actually have to hunt down your former self, IF you wish to get back any equipment?
And for the most part you know where they are located at, IF you look on your map. Thankfully, there is a fast travel system in this game:) Always welcome in any game,because it saves allot with backtracking. 

Enemy Types:
now this was a complaint from allot of reviewers OK, and I for one am glad I don't have things spitting acid at me. Because of the fact that these particular UN dead can kill me, in a few bites. And I like the fact that they are slow moving. Because "to be honest" those are the worse kind of zombies. And they will always get you in the "end" . Now you do have some of them that do wear helmets, and you have to knock those off before you can finish of a zombie or infected. And it takes quite a few hits to take out one of these zombies, and I like that aspect:)

Controls: this was yet another complaint from "other" reviewers ? And I gotta tell you even though it can be frustrating sometimes? But it's not "game breaking" now you also have to remember 2 things? 1. this is an Ubisoft game. 2. this is also a Wii title. So it's about as good as it will get.
Thankfully, you have a quick turn function and it works quite well. Better than any Resident Evil game I have ever played:) 

Atmosphere: This! is where Zombi ,really nails it. The fact this game is devoid of any music , really amps up the creepy level. You will have the occasional zombie or crow sound. But in whole the game is so Eerily  quiet:) 

Story : now believe it or not for an Ubisoft game, it actually has a pretty decent story. Like most RPG hybrids , you do a lot of "fetch quest" everybody wants a "favor" in exchange for help. Which often involves your death;) 

theTRUTH! this is a real no- brainier "no pun intended" this game is FREE! 
all you have to is have an active PlayStation plus membership.  IF you enjoy games like Dark Souls, Heavy Rain and Dead Island 1 . Your in for a good time:) And IF not, why do you bother even gaming? There are other hobbies , you could enjoy? Like , stamp collecting:P  

And as always keep calm, and aim for the head;) Annihilation Gaming.



04/07/2016 8:32pm

From the review to me it seem the most unique parts of the game are a)eating rats for health, or killing animals and eating them. b)having to ,kill your old self if you died to get your weapons back.

The first part is like eeww but may be ok since it a zombie game anyway. May be more fun then normal health pack lying around. so if you having health issues you need to find rats (or etc) lol

The second part I for me I think I would hate that, don't like death to be more tedious then it already is. I mean you died and that was bad enough but this kinda make it worse. to me...maybe some like that challenge but not me. I rather recover quick.And actually if I were really looking for FPS zombie game to play this part may put me off completely.


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