He's someone you won't see when the game launches May 10.
BY NICOLE CARPENTER Donut Drake—Naughty Dog's plus-sized protagonist skin—won't appear in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

In previous games, players could unlock the overweight model, whose voice is also a lot deeper than Drake's normally is. And the character was originally in series' final game, but Naughty Dog ultimately decided to pull the skin.

"I didn't want to have a laugh at someone's expense," Neil Druckmann, creative director at Naughty Dog, told GamesRadar. "I thought we'd matured beyond that."

Internally, the team had a "big debate," approaching the subject from "all kinds of angles." After having "the whole thing modeled and in there," the developers at Naughty Dog decided they "weren't comfortable having it in [their] game."

And here are some of the comments from IGN


There is a difference between plus sized and overweight/obese. This model was simply obese and would not be able to achieve nearly as much as Drake.


Man I'm still pissed, Doughnut Drake is more than just a skin, I have always played as Doughnut Drake on my second run through in all the Uncharted games, somehow, someway, it made the games even more entertaining, plus I wanted to see Nate's next-gen jelly rolls jiggleing around, it would've been so awesome, you don't know what you're doing to your fans ND


I'm fat. I want to play as Donut Drake. That skin is a hilarious joke you've now ruined with your pc crap.


Kids in Africa could've eaten that fat Drake.


Probably going to be released as paid DLC


"Fuck this PC bullshit. Fuck people getting offended. Excuse me while I go cancel my preorder since Naughty Dog offended me." Hypocrites much.


"Donut Drake" skin was pulled because the way they modeled his ass in that one pose was far too sexualized.


I want a bacon sandwich nowwwwwwwwww


"Naughty Dog had a "'go big or go home' kind of mentality" when designing the game."

Looks like they chose to go home.

bookerD3319 MINS

@Patsfan365 lol how?

My take? this is because the whole "butt pose" controversy in Overwatch.

And these game companies are becoming a bunch of pussies. And now they don't want to "offend" anybody. "sigh" I can't say that I am not at all surprised about all of this PC behavior.  I know PC all too well, I grew up with it. And I absolutely hate it:(  I am with being sensitive to people's feeling's, but at some point you have to draw the line. Unfortunately, this trend will continue. Until we all live in a "sanitized world" , my issue with being PC all the time is that it's censorship! And it keeps people from having a real dialogue. Here is my case in point,  "420 friendly" 
the PC term for potheads. Do you know why we have a PC term for potheads? It's so they can justify what they do without having the stigma , of being refereed to as a pot head. Did you know that mentally ill people such as myself :) we don't have a PC term for mental illness. And I feel we desperately need a PC term? IF the potheads can have one? Why not people that actually could benefit from one. "smh" and "roll my eyes" 


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