All hail the, Magnum Opus!  And that's what this game is all about, it's about building the "ultimate car" with the help of Chumbucket seen here.

Known as a "black finger" mechanic, he warships a deity know as the "Angel of Combustion" and he had been praying to deliver him a champion. And that's where Mad Max come in

He's the typical loner, after his family was killed. And the game starts out where everything you have left is taken from you and your left for dead.
And it's your job in this game to rebuild it all. 

And let's not forget the "love interest" Hope

and her background is this, she is the daughter of the History woman.
Born in captivity of a biker gang, Hope and her mother were taken by Immortan Joe and kept as Breeders. Giddy and Hope were passed around after various attacks,ans Hope gave birth to Glory. Hope and her daughter were sent back to Citadel. But after there caravan was attacked.And they were stranded in the Wasteland , they were captured and held prisoner by Gutgash's men.

In allot of ways, Mad Max plays like a bad 80's film. But that's not necessary a bad thing. Even though after a while the "car combat" becomes stale. One little "feature" I liked was when you searched an area, and after it thoroughly searched as in 100% you never had to go back and search it again. Future RPG's should take note of that feature. It would definitively save allot of backtracking:(

Mad Max plays allot like Assassin's creed , in the mission structure. Plus metal scrap is everything in Mad Max. From upgrading your gear and car and even Mad Max himself.  Plus on top of that you have a separate level up system that uses "Griffa  Tokens" max out your skills like food, health, gasoline etc..

IF it seems like my mind is wandering , while attempting to write this review? It's because I lost interest in the game early on. So I am struggling to finish writing this before I send the game back. So I am kinda, half hardheartedly writing this. I will attempt to back and play this a bit again, to hopefully be a little bit more focused ? But I highly doubt it.

Look, bottom line if the game looks appealing,then by all the means play the game. If on the other-hand this game looks boring then simply skip it. It's as simple as that.  Look most of your gadgets and tools are built into the Magnum Opus , chain grapple, long shot. 

the TRUTH! about Mad Max, is that I found this game to rather boring and you can see it reflected in my review. Look the game started out pretty cool, and then it went downhill from their. So IF you like games about  cars and Wastelands, and explosions! This game if definitively for you. IF not pass on it and play something else. Or not? So ultimately this ones is for the Average Gamer.  
Because Mad Max, is pretty much just an average game. Look let's be honest their are other games that do the whole "wasteland survival thing" allot better. Games like Rage, Borderlands, Fallout etc...

Annihilation Gaming

Update: recently , I got some real good feedback from someone's opinion I respect. So I will take another "stab" at this review? But in the meantime here is a video of someone I rather enjoy:) Zero Punctuation



03/08/2016 10:13pm

Based on your review it seem this game is more focus on a story since you don't seem to mention things like GTA had where you can actually play around the city and do stuff even when the game's story ends included things like playing pool et besides blowing up cars. Kinda similar "Driver" which also with a cheat code you be actually be a girl which I liked better but the game's story mission was a bit too hard however I stilled enjoyed it since even tho i was stucked at the story mission I still had tons to play around the cities.

The feature you say about searching and are then never need to go back back again kinda in a way negates this since it seem running around the desert is better off not to be done again. so it once it better.

That kinda just me, I enjoy having game that acts more like having a "world" that you can do stuff/explore/run around etc in besides the main story.


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