Without a doubt , Alekhein's gun  is probably one of the most boring games I have played since DCUO. Alekhine's Gun, doesn't have "one" redeeming quality. I can now see why this game was truly delayed, because it's complete and utter garbage! 

But at the same time, that would be an insult to garbage it's self. "Sigh" where do I even begin? Let's start with the fact, they completely "ripped off" the Hitman games. And in this case that is not, a good thing. 

Let's start with the games "cut scenes" you know when you actually get a "cut scene" in a game? Well in Alekhine's Gun it's like looking at a very ugly oil painting , that is narrated by the worst voice acting in the history of gaming. I was actually thinking  to myself "where in the hell?! did they find these voice actors? Craigslist. 

You play as the protagonist, Semyom Strogov know as Agent Alkaline you are a member of the KBG and it's set during the Cold War in the 1960's.

The game allows players to choose between straightforward shootouts or more subtle stealth-orientated game-play with the use of items such as poison and garrotes and by staging 'accidents'. Each mission can be replayed differently to improve the player's performance. At the end of each level the player receives a different ranking depending on their style of play such as 'Maniac' or 'Ghost'. They are also graded on 'Noise', 'Violence', 'Accuracy' and 'Professionalism'. In addition points are awarded which can be used to buy or upgrade weapons and equipment.

And unfortunately , it's executed poorly in this game. I honestly don't what they were thinking, when making Alekhine's Gun? Technically this game is Death to Spies 3 . Now I haven't played 1 or 2 , and I am glad for that fact. I remember Maxium games , was 'bragging" they were going to re-invent the stealth genre with Alekhine's Gun. Well they succeeded , in setting it back a "thousand years"  look IF your waiting to to get your "stealth fix" I would wait and play Hitman .  And you can either play it episodically or wait until 2017 to play the complete game. 

theTRUTH , this one is a defiantly not worth a buy or even worth renting. 
and especially for Hardcore gamer's such as myself and others. Although I would imagine any average or bellow average gamer's would enjoy Alekhine's gun. I played it for a couple of hours , and I was simply done. And I haven't picked up playing it again. Thankfully, I was able to rent this game without wasting money on it. Dos Vedanya, Alekhine's Gun.

Annihilation Gaming (TM) 



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