Another year and another Assassin's Creed has come and gone. And it will be at least another year or two? Before we get another AC. Well that's not entirely true either. Because after Ubisoft "officially" announced no new Creed this year the released a AC Chronicles game. Now granted this game is consider a major AC title. It's still am AC game.

Now I got that out of the way on to Syndicate,  and in this game it focuses on the Frye twins Evie and Jacob. Evie is more about stealth and Jacob is more forward.

This year the game is in London at the turn of the century. I see the AC games more of a "History Simulation" then a "stealth game" and notable this year are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or "Artie" , Karl Marx, Charles Darwin and Florence Nightingale and Alexander Gram Bell, he serves as your "Q" in the game.   One of my favorite "side quests" in AC Syndicate are the Dreadful Crimes. New to Syndicate:) 


I also wanted to mention the dlc in Syndicate you get a chance to go after one of London's notorious villains Jack the Ripper. I did not get a chance to play it unfortunately. 

One new thing to AC this year is the Rope Launcher or Grappling Hook and you can see it demonstrated in the video below. 

But not is all well in Syndicate, the biggest offence in AC are the controls. This is suppose to be a parkor or free running in AC and Ubisoft fucks it up every single year. It reminds me back in the day when they would make Tomb Raider games and fuck up the camera. Oh and get this, you now have an "up and down button" for running. Kinda shoots the whole "free running" to shit. But it doesn't stop their , their are collision detection issues with in the game as well. So many times you will attempt to loot a dead body and inadvertently pick them up.  And again regards to the "free running" both Evie and Jacob cling to everything and it annoying! Especially when your climbing around London. 

One thing I do appreciate about the AC games, their is no "do over" meaning you can't replay missions. So you have to get it right, the first time. Which is both good and frustrating because it will effect you awards. Another thing I hate is having to give "feedback" on every single mission. 
Now IF Ubisoft was actually paying attention to the feedback that would be different.  It almost reminds me of a person or pet  that needs constant reassurance that your doing a "good job" basically a pat on the head. 

The main reason and only reason to play AC syndicate is because of the story's main protagonists Evie and Jacob. And the rest of the game is typical AC through and through.

The fact that AC is going to skip a year is a good thing hopefully, both for gamer's and Ubisoft.  Even though their will not be a "main" AC title this year? Their will be plenty of AC games to play in 2016.

I rented this game and I am glad I did. Because I never feel that AC games are never worth actually buying. At one time I did buy AC Black Flag and promptly returned it with in a few days. AC games are a fanboy title , now that's not to always say that this game is strictly for the fanboys but then again I'm not saying that. All that a side , I relay did enjoy AC Syndicate , mainly because of Evie and Jacob. And that's the reason to once again play AC Syndicate.

So until 2017 ? I will not be back with another AC review, because I really have no desire to play Chronicles. 

Peace Out!  Annihilation Gaming:) 




02/23/2016 4:21pm

I haven't really follow this series. But by looking first at the trailer given here which is dumb I think, it hardly showed any actual gameplay I was thinking this is going to be a boring detective game, where you hardly be really killing any one just running around looking or clues?

But when I watched the actual game play video it look more like GTA in ancient London which feel looks like more fun. So I would.
say at first that is a very very dumb trailer, maybe it directed to those who know the game? but surely blew me off.

I also read some of the issues given here and I would be really annoyed with the one time missions, if you screw up then there is no retuning? I am ok with one time mission that doesn't screw up up if you messed up but do one mission badly and get screwed forever? that would really suck, like the whole game can ruined just by messing up one silly mission?

I do like 3D game and also dislike bad camera and interaction, i would think a game like this should have no issues with such thing since 3D is is no longer a new thing. Just weird to have 3D camera and interaction issues I think.

02/23/2016 7:24pm

When completing missions or "failing" them? It will reflect you reward and experience. And it's considered "extra" objectives. As far as I can tell, It doesn't effect the over final game. But it can be a real "bitch" sometimes leveling up. And the Dreadful crimes are "similar" to Murder Mystery missions in AC Unity.


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