I thought I would start a new a new segment on AG, I often say this about stuff in general in real life. In fact one of my closest friends has quoted me as going to an actual gaming convention and saying not caring as joke, TRUTH is, I probably would. Now some people including the internet trolls would have you believe you actually do "care" ? Nope! just really don't care. 
So like you I get bored so I decided to do a monthly list of things I don't care about. It can include games, movies, tv etc.... and it can be several things. 

So for February 2106 here are the thing's I am not caring about.

Far Cry Primal, well the reason I am not caring about this game is because it's a Far Cry Game and that's all I need to know.  But here is a trailer for those that actually do care. Sure it "looks" cool but meh! As for a prehistoric game, I will wait for Wild. 

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