Here once again, is post from one of my confidants Sara.  Enjoy:)
Note: I did not write this post. 

Movies and Video games....

I guess we have progress way beyond fucking pong. no more stupid dots. Video games nowadays are very real and gets you to experience all kinds of reality, realms etc. What i think is interesting to note is thinking about the following:

Let's say you play a game and jump off a tall building for fun, you get the whole sensation of jumping of the building and a very real sensation too since today's video games are that cool. and normally in a video game this is no big deal it a simple thing you can do, i.e this may not be the main objective for the game but just some silly thing you can do.

However if we think of a movie, how many lucking millions would that cost to do that simple scene? and may even take a whole year to get the scene correct.

Video game may have some cost and time in making that scene but as I say this jumping off building may be a trivial scene that is just there and no a big deal since it may not even be part of the main objective of the game. But when it comes to movies it a big deal for even a scene that may not be even significant in a video game.

And think again how many scenes in a movie you can see that seems to be so action packed and amazing, like many a car chase with shooting for example. It's such a big deal and possibly cost way too much to do too. but play a game like Grand Theft Auto and this is just a puny regular scene that is done so easily. and what's even cooler is you experienced it first hand not watching someone else doing it. and possibly has way more explosions and action too.

So basically I just putting it out there as something interesting to think about how easy to experience such actions scene in video games while in movies it is such a big deal and so hard to do. Food for thought I guess:) 


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