I finally get my hands on Mad Max for the Ps4 next week? Stay Tuned for my Truth review afterwards ;]  Here is a little video preview of What's to come.


02/12/2016 3:36pm

Wow that was a great game trailer. I wish all game trailers were like that. I mean it actually show all the way gameplay scenes plus explain the gameplay of what to do and expect in the game very clearly. Plus I think it's made of 100% gameplay.

I get so annoyed with game trailers that just shows stupid non gameplay cutscene or sometimes even live actors that is not even in the game. and finally maybe 1 second or so of actual fucking gameplay or maybe none sometimes.

This game may not appeal to me since I think you can only be Max [and not create your own character - girl] and I think it's an offline game [I am more into mmo right now] but my point here is that I really like how this trailer shows how the game is really like,

Game trailer show really be like this!

02/14/2016 9:04pm

Thanks, I really have a knack when it comes to choosing the most appropriate video ,song, etc.... to whatever really fits the mood of the piece. I am kinda like a Human Shazam;) aka the app.


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