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This one came from Destructoid aka Defucktoid


When I spoke with XSEED executive vice president Ken Berry last year, he told me his studio lives and dies by pre-orders. For a small team that localizes games for a niche, but enthusiastic audience, pre-orders determine whether certain retailers will continue to carry their products.

It seems that concern also extends to XSEED's parent company, Marvelous, which just postponed the release of one of its upcoming games, a PlayStation Vita brawler called Uppers, because not enough folks plunked down cash to reserve the game pre-release.

Producer Kenichiro Takaki broke the bad news earlier today in a surprisingly honest and heartfelt blog, explaining that pre-order figures were dismally low and it wouldn't make sense for the company, from a business perspective, to release Uppers at this time. Takaki hopes more time will allow his team to improve and promote the game, rather than have it sent out to die.

It's easy to decry pre-order culture, but, at least in some cases, it's a necessary evil.
Source: http://www.destructoid.com/publisher-delays-game-because-nobody-pre-ordered-it-344072.phtml

This one come from Kotaku 

Game Delayed Due to a Lack of Pre-Orders
Here’s what happens when you stop pre-ordering games, I guess.

According to Hachima, Marvelous has delayed its PS Vita game Uppers due to a lack of pre-orders. On the official Uppers dev blog, game creator Kenichiro Takaki stated this about the delay: “The number one reason is that the number of pre-orders didn’t stretch as far as we thought.” 

“We decide the initial number of copies for the marketplace on the number of pre-orders,” explained Takaki. That doesn’t mean he’s given up on Uppers and he went on to explain how he was inspired to create this original game, which is basically beat’em up action meets fawning schoolgirls and underpants.

“If the demo is fun, I’m happy to receive those words,” Takaki added on the official site. “If you don’t dig it, throw those comments my way. But, I thank you for your interest.”

“Again, I’d truly like to apologize to those who pre-ordered and were looking forward to this game.”

The official announcement moved the game’s release from April 21, 2016 to TBA.
Source: http://kotaku.com/game-delayed-due-to-a-lack-of-pre-orders-1760975949

And this was translated from the blog they mentioned.

"UPPERS (Uppers)" Notice of sale information change

We were allowed to issue a Notice of today "UPPERS" sale postponed. Sorry everyone who has reserved fun interested. And sales, apologize sincerely apologize a great deal of inconvenience to companies like the distribution relationship. But as long as it is pathetic to have gone on a regular basis such announcement in their own title. Officially announced that "various reasons", since the state equal to not explain why, in this blog, which were asked to hastily prepared but is impossible to slash all of the description, you wrote the raw words and feelings . *** The I want to tell in advance misunderstanding defunct way this time, the development staff is both finish the drawn on the mind game to the highest state with full force. It is in there is nothing of the problem, there are self-confidence. The reason is one, because I did not stretch than the number of reservations had been thought. The number of reservations will continue to decide the number of the first to be introduced to the market. It is not a number that does not realistically swallow given the recent market, but still want to believe more power potential with this work. "Sell surely if you make a good game," , "be! Extend also to many times in the reviews after the release" a pipe dream Nante is (would expect really is in the back of mind, but ...) to be the first place in the denominator is not large not be realized such to. Exhilarating action of possible enemy to bashed in a few seconds I do not is the world mean that can save in 30 seconds, a story that is TV animation is not being broadcast at the same time be able to experience the way of life of men, boobs do not fly out But we want a fantastic fool Eros of the game unique to Skirt and cheers flurry to experience a number of people .... The new is also fascinating to Bukkake flew titled "UPPERS" that starts from here please the time that sticks into the eyes of more people. Have to know the title, we will do all the hands in the hope that I want to try to play.This "UPPERS" is over in many of the hand of man, even one person, it is all that will enjoy. Might be what's I'm saying something guy and a tiny dream if Rarere calmly seen, I want to break the wall in the game Love multiplied to Furubokko system Motemote action.Trial version, happy and get up even a word that it was interesting Tara interesting. If you did not like me throwing the words, but thank you with interest. Again, people who have me looking forward already reserved, is not really sorry. When I became completely a little warm and I'm selfish here convenience, major change and surprise, with the wait was worthRISE UP will not be.
And here is video , thrown in just for fun:) 



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