This comes from the "official game press website" and on a personal note I have dealt with the bullshit! From N4G many times before. So I know this too very true. 
So here is the claim....

N4G mod GeoBros abused the report feature of the site in order to fail a story he didn't like. Told me to change story type, then after I did reported the same submission for now having wrong title because I changed story type like he told me to. Why not just put all the necessary changes in the FIRST report? Why set me up like this? This is akin to him saying I can't walk on the grass and need to use the sidewalk, then fining me for walking on the sidewalk because the cement was wet. 

Here is the proof .....

And here are some comments......

"Damn I am sorry to hear that dude. Did you report him on it?"

"I have had countless problems out of Geobros. I have reported him (to which he is the one replying and saying he sees nothing wrong with his actions). I have contacted other mods about him and have been told to just do what he says in the reports. I do that, and like the OP has had happen, get reported for the corrections that Geobros demanded. I had one mod tell me that it is a language barrier with Geobros- that he is not a native English speaker so sometimes he misunderstands English syntax and the like- yet no help in fixing the report from Geobros- just a "go along with it" response."

"They don't put anything more than necessary per report because they want the points on their account. N4G, and the other sites that belong to that group, all give members points for actions- report posts, get a point or a few, approve a post, get some points, write a blog, here are some more points, add pics or whatever, grab some points out of the bag. You get the idea."

"He's always been pretty cool with me.

To be honest, it seems pretty straight-forward. Site names don't go in the title of opinion pieces."

"I have had him report me for not including a PC game tag for a Super Mario Bros article I did. He refused to remove the report till I added the PC Super Mario Bros tag because "someone made the tag available so it HAS to be used." That is the type of crap I have dealt with with him. Not simply removing a site name from an opinion piece but just flat out stupid stuff."

"I always knew N4G has mostly bullshit mods, they're even more corrupt than our EU leaders as it seems once again."

"I did. Unfortunately the current network manager there is Christopher, who is very biased. He was also involved in racism against HipHopGamer.  

Christopher PMed me and claimed Geobros was in the right. Of course he was..."

"I have had tones of issues with Geobros. Why set rules that your not willing to follow! 
Just seems counter productive"

Source: N4G



03/11/2016 7:26am

I found a neograf forum with a very large story. Killed it and edited it all on an half an hour noticed that it was free and posted. When I checked later it turns out Geobros posted a picture of topic before me. Didn't think too much of it because just a photo whatever. Went to bed with my story gaining traction. I wake up to find that he edited a link to the same forum that I used and thus making my story appear as a copy because his earlier. I was higher in interest and everything then found out he was the one to report me.

It's just not fair when I worked my ass to produce an article within time and he just posts a link for the views. Not only did he get points from the article but from reporting me.

04/07/2017 4:38am

Is there a way to go over the mods? This guy is killing our stories too - Told to change tags, being accused of duplication when there isnt, banning others from approving the story when they are not affiliated with us.

04/26/2017 12:00pm

i normally deal specifically with Chris about any mod issues i notice.
i brought up a case where geobros not only approved his own atrticle, it was a duplicate of another one approved hours before and flagged that one as the ducplicate.

04/07/2017 11:24pm

Unfortunately not, and this guy know's it. Hence the constant abuse. I was on N4G briefly and I delt with this constant bullshit too. And I would ask myself the question? How do assholes , like these "idiots" become mods?

IF I had to take an "educated" guess, I would go with favoritism. The reason they will kill your stories, is quite simple. They want to be the ones to publish themselves. Gerbros is obviously a complete and utter tool.

But it's obvious he's "sucking" the right dick, in order too be a mod. And the majority of mods in general , just don't give a shit. Because simply it's not an "issue" for them?

Look my advice is to leave and strike out on your own, chances are you'll stay on N4G and nothing will ever change. Me making and creating my own website was the best and smartest thing I ever did:) And I have never regretted it. I can say,do whatever I want and I never have to apologize for anything. And the best part, 0 trolls. I had hoped Geobros had th e "balls" to step on website, and say that stuff here? But like all "bullies" cyber or real, none of them have the fortitude to do just that.

And why really bother right! They clearly know what they are doing? But there is one thing you can do? Re-post this article on N4G and let other's know the "truth" about it. And let them decide. Sure they'll shut it down but 2 thing's will happen? 1. Other's will know that this type of bullshit exists. 2. It will be noticed by the mods and they'll try and tell me to either take this down or make empty threats etc... where I will "kindly" tell them to go fuck themselves;)

Listen, I truly wish you the best of luck I hope you'll "wise up" and leave N4G for good. Sincerely , Annihilation Gaming(TM)

Angry Gamer
11/23/2017 8:30pm

It's because Geobros is a fu**ing ass hole, and the Chris dude sucks even more. Hell, most of the mods are biased asf. I wouldn't even be surprised to find out that they are corrupt and take bribes either ("if you kill off this story by site XXXX, then I'll pay you XXX USD).


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