I recently  posted this on the DCUO forums

One thing this forum is always talking about are names, but what really annoy's you as a name. Now you have a 100% right to name your toon whatever you want? But I also reserve the 100% right , to laugh at you and make fun of it at the same time. Now here's is where I get "philosophic" for a moment , lets pretend for a moment that comic books are real. Do you honestly think that the JLA, X-men , Legion of Doom etc. Would actually let you in the door, IF your name was a joke. Now I know a lot of you like your names and actually think that they are cool. theTRUTH is their really not. From names like Eel Milk to anything 420 related. These names are well, rather just plain fucking dumb.

"IF your wondering where this "Eel Milk" come from well that would be Jens Anderson the "creative" director at DC comics,  I wouldn't call "Eel Milk" very fucking creative. But with stupid fucking names like this, it's no wonder the "new 52" failed so fucking miserably. Fuck! Eel Milk really?
So fucking LOL! "

So what names fucking  annoy you the most?

I'll start and remember don't be a Paste Pot Pete!
Anything 420 related
anything with a "Z" on the end.
anything that starts with "I"
or lets not forget this classic "XXXXXinsertgenericnamehereXXXXX"
or the UPPERCASE/lowercase

Or perhaps this clip will explain better as too what I mean. Let the butt-hurt flow P.S. I will have the UN Censored version of this soon? Posted off this forum;)

I will add some more stuff later? Basically reactions to this post. 



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