The game is called the "phantom pain" because having to play this game is where allot of the "pain" comes from. Well actually it's more about losing a limb. Not I am not saying the game is bad, but anytime I see a game getting a 10 out of 10. That's a total red flag for  me almost immediately. 

Graphics: have played this on the Ps4 and not the Xbone 1 I really had nothing too compare it too. But it also graphics on the Ps4 it looks really good. Environments were brown and boring  and basically it was a desert but it looks good. I saw a little bit of clipping, but nothing major. 

Sound: really quick like I wanted to talk about sound , in Msg5 sound is just important as graphics,control,gameplay. And it does a nice job here from coyote howls to crickets. The sound is very well done in Msg5 . It definitively sets the atmosphere in the game, which is very important.  One thing I almost forgot to mention was Big Boss's new voice, unfortunately in this game it was not veteran  David Haytner voicing the title character.Nope, that was no other than Keifer Sutherland voicing Snake.He did a good job, he didn't have much to say in the game. But none the less he was a good replacement:)

Controls: This is what bugged me a little bit, now I don't know if it's my controller? It kinda reminds me of my Air-Flo control er back on the Ps3  , see their was a computer chip built into the controller. And it was also a annoying defect as well. But after a while , the controller had a mind of it's own "so to speak" and I noticed this a few times. When just surfing the Ps4 browser, the arrow want's to auto scroll. And I also noticed it playing the game. Especially when I was attempting to "sneak" Big Boss(Snake) wouldn't stand still sometimes. And it was rather annoying. Other then some minor issues when selecting weapons or equipment? Nothing really major or game breaking.

Gameplay: Let's talk about the "repetitive gameplay" shall we. It's the basic wash, rinse and repeat we all have seen before. You "farm" and you do have too "farm" for missions allot in this game. And being "open world" it can take forever in this game. And their is no "fast travel" so your going to "hoof" it allot quit literally. Missions usually break down like this  Mother Base + Get in Helicopter + Select a Mission + Select drop point and begin observation of your objective + Silently take out a base of enemies, or go in, guns blazing = Complete final objectives and extract. 
Yea and going in  guns blazing is what get's you killed fast. So your better of going "stealth" that's talk about the whole "stealth" thing here. I have yet to play a "stealth game" where that actually works. Because no matter how hard you you try your darnedest  to stealth, you always get caught:( Face it you would have to be "invisible" to actually "stealth", luckily you have the Chicken Hat to do just that, Problem is IF you use the Chicken Hat  you get not experience for that mission. In it's "defense" it is for the harder missions in t he game.

Mother Base: in Msg5 you have Mother Base as your base of operations lol! Where you can take a shower. and develop and micro manage it.
Now one thing I do appreciate is that, I can do it in game. And I can have equipment "air dropped " too me in a mission as well. "Just for fun , onetime I deliberately stood on the exact spot where the equipment was going to be dropped and all it did was knock me down:( Msg5 brings back the "Fulton mechanic" from Peace Walker and it's how you get stuff developed. A friend of mine, basically "Fultoned" everything in the game so I'll bet he was totally set. Think of it as the games cur ency and you can't let it drop either. Because their is probably some venality you have to pay, if you let it drop. 

You can also recruit Buddies  to help you in you mission, and probably the best recruit is DD or Diamond Dog. Every time I see this video , it cracks me up:) 

So what theTRUTH about MSG5 the Phantom Pain? So unless you a fan or fanboy of the Msg5 series, this is no brainier must buy. That is IF you haven't already bought it. For others, this is defiantly a rent  and don't feel bad if you force yourself to finish playing the game. Because, that's how I felt too. Anihilation Gaming  
P.S. I relay didn't mess with online well, because it's online. But here's a video enjoy:) 



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