So I have been spending some time on the DCUO forum, and up to now I have had some good posts. But when I posted this thread it was prominently shut down? And this was the response from Mepps

Do you agree with these DCUO fast facts.


Not about the xbone version of dcuo, this right here so thoughts.

We’ve had an incredible five years, and we’ve got a lot more to do! Get ready for a big 2016 here in DCUO.
Here are some Fast Facts about the first five years in DCUO: P.S. sorry couldn't get the image to work.

Here is the only response:

How many of those 35 million characters were deleted? How many of them are "active"? I can definitely understand why they would choose not to divulge the amount of daily logins, as I'm sure there aren't nearly as many nowadays. 

Mepps:   Agreeing with facts seems beside the point. They're facts.

This is a one time deal, but this was sent directly to from a "Sara" from the forums 

just some responses to your DCUO review.... You seem to say it sucked from the very beginning

tho I would agree it is too generic, that age of conan, neverwinter etc all feels the same. But wait DCUO is supposed to be a super villain game? [yes super hero too but I took the side of the villain so I see it as a super villain game]. So when does it feel that you are a super villain? maybe the movement modes makes you feel a bit like that and that you can jump down as far down without any damage. but beyond that, I dont see much
like now you are playing and you get attacked by ninjas like in DP duo, how can they even hurt you? they only have puny knifes, you are supposed to be a super villain. at least some explanation on how they are that powerfully to be able to attack super villains should be told.

I remember one day I play a game, in one of those create your own game places . someone actually created a game that really plays like a super villain. In that game you can actually kicking building around or punch them. the building goes flying. yes the whole building. you can cause massive mayhem in that city..plus enemies almost do nothing to you. They try attacking even shooting you with bullets etc but you basically don’t get harmed [I say “bsacially" here because some glitch in the game design did still make you get some harm getting sot by bullet but that was a bug not how the game was intended] . So where is this feeling in DCUO...almost feel as weak as a regular human with some powers only. don’t feel that “super”

I would understand Gods like Hades may be hard to kill as super villans, ok since he is a god but not puny ninjas! or other silly adds that never ever explain why they are super powered.

Only way to feel super is go to older contest when you are max cr or very hight cr for that contest only you feel like a super villain can kill on shot everyone! yeah massive damage. like have cr 152 and go solo an old t1. t2 raid, yeah feels super now!

maybe it may be argued if you can destroy so much it won't be fun. but not true, It can be design to be fun that you can destoy and cause lost of mayhem but so can an opposing hero that can do such damage too. Like you do battle which includes throwing building at each other. I think if I remember correctly I have a scene like this in Final Fatacy or something [maybe another game, I dont remember what game it was] where you get to throw buildings at the boss and the boss throws building at you too. Now that would be real fun! and make you feel like a super villain. Not puny stupid ninja giving you problems!

and Orbital Shrike blows up the whole city but may damage only a bit of the hero you wnat to destroy lol. or carry and thow around planets like a football game. well something like that. Destroy the whole planet just to get to the hero for example. Blow up cars, trucks nearby the hero just to get some damage to hit him. Massive destruction of both side would be fun and thus a super villain game! just like you see in movies in where the super villain fight again the hero and the whole fight causes the whole city to be more damage then what the damage the super villain is supposed to do to the city if that villain is not stooped [as the hero would claim]. just watch movies for more example on this!

yes only Gotham and Metro in the game , besides that I think the buildings, structures, bridges etc also be destroy-able too l where you should eb able to punch holes in it , throw them around blow them up just for fun.[It could re pawn back later]. Not puny carry cars only that so pathetic for super villains! and you need to buy that move with sp too lol.

yes plus open world is not really there either. I would think it could be many dif city wth villans etc and blowing away heros for fun or whatever, causing massive damage in the cities. Plus more quest etc as open world goes. But it DCUO is mostly instant base [on duty menu] after level 30 that's it. so yes I agree it is boring only 2 cities! whlle other games with less gigs has way more open world areas. Ofcouse there is Metro Battle ground, Gotham Wasteland, Gotham Under Siege, Centra city which done a bit to cover thie issue of open world. and tiny New Genesis. Only Gotham Wasteland does look like somewhere else new Genesis even tho has big plants etc still feel to similar to a park and is way too small. Otherwise the others are the same city with some war happening. and doesn’t feel like a true expansion or like a another city.. and now even that is no longer happening, don’t see any new open world opening up.

also I think besides that even the free to play model is flawed, you can't take advantage of free to play players. Maybe only in pvp legends you can since they can play that but beyond that they can't help out in que for t7 raid for example. Unlike some other game where free to play can level up to the max, they help out making groups is easier and also being free to play is also more fun this way. free to play does need still need to work harder then what paid player get but that's ok. they still be around to help etc and make the game more busy and fun.

also my main issue with this a geme is power, other mmo you blindly choose whatever power you like, they build it up. the more you build it up the better and you get rewarded with more damage etc. But dcuo hardly does this, it power fluctuates so much that all what you had spec in may do some damage today and tomorrow it not. I am talking the power in comparison to itself not with other yet. a certain loadout works for a while then later breakdown and not longer does much damage, need to change. It just so unstable. In other game I add attack power A +500 for example and it does that all the way, in DCUO attack power A [maybe can be said as “might “] may not work anymore and need to change it to attack power B +500 [maybe can be said a “precision ”. i.e what use to be good with might now is suddenly better with precision. same with load outs etc they are so unstable.

and of cause in comparison with other powers, big problem again. DCOO It more of what power set you use then anything else. and that keep changing too! wheer if yo are a ertain pwoer set you can beat another poworset no matter how skilled, sp, mods etc the other player is.

Unlike other mmo you can even admire someone who beat you in damage etc, since you know that person has worked hard on ths power set, allocation skill points, skill etc but in DCUO .... nothing! not skills etc just what power you use...so pathetic!

and on top of that the power set that are most complex and much challenging to use suddenly now does the worse damage. In other mmo what I see is the more difficult a power set is the more damage it can generate since you really need to master it. A simple power set may not do that much damage but is easy to use and play. and DCUO is now inverse of that ,. easy power set like ice where it end up to be just spamming one button is rewarded with much damage. and there si also pets that does a lot of most of the damage for you. while powers like nature and electricity which is way more complex that that dosen’t do much damage.
Plus I think these power besides nature and electric due to the dots makes DCUO more unique since burst powers like ice, fire etc are so so generic any other mmo can have that easily.

yes plus I agree these people do they even know what they are doing? Since what fool claims to balance power but want to do the weakest last? now matter what excuses given you know that is just plain dumb. you balance the weakest first then the strongest one last so you don't create bigger gaps and cause more problems. Go to a bar and tell somehow this is how you wish to balance this way and they may think you drank too much! But then suddenly in DCUO that is seen as an ok way to balance powers.

and yes! this caused more problems, the 4 power sets that are the weakest become even weaker with this balancing due to widening the gap! few month a ago before this mid range balancing thing I can even see electric DPS actually having fun in raid and doing quite acceptable damage. But thanks to this mid range balancing with it idiotic sequence just made it worse! and emmm that was supposed to help balance the powers?
and yet DCUO is not taking responsibility for the problem this cause by maybe even putting in a quite hotfix for this power just a temporary one until the actual fix come? so for this 4 power set they have become outcast, may not even be able to enjoy the the new episodes.. it is claimed that eventually these powers shall be fixed but that is going to take way too long, may even be nearly a year or more on the weakest 2 powersety. so they can;t really enjoy DCUO for the meanwhile and this again seem to be fine with DCUO? yes lets go back to that bar and have more drinks! lol

Plus these fools seem to keep messing up like where gear R&B was fine at 400 scarp, became 1000 and 1200 and now you HAVE to craft to get face and rings if you want the best gear. Supposed to be a helper or maybe even an alternate path the gambling on raid or alerts but now kidna ruined that too and now you NEED to collect them scarp for top gear.. so it no longer a helper but another grind that is needed to get top gear. totally inverse to what it claims it supposed to do.

Plus the rushed monthly content with rushed rehash levels. the lack of a 3 month focus story line like how the DLC were, and many others really makes the game so dull.

Tho one thing however , even tho you seem to say the game suck from the beginning till now,
I do say that they were actaully fun points of this game, like just few months ago there was Amazon Fury II, had LOLS, HoH, and the challenging ToTD, also had Aod which could aso be aid a rehash of GoT, but it done make it completely different then boring what I call as “rush rehash” we get today. Like RC duo and DC alert does it really even play much different? does it even have dffernt enemies? GoT and AoD , dif story, dif enemies, feel like totally different.

so what I am saying here is the game “was" fun at some point and going further PW, Nexus and the whole Gotham Wasteland with it;s Sons Of Trigon DLC was really great too. So fun did kidna exist in this game once.
and also the time AF2 HOP2 , even electric was a common DPS power that works does decent damage. so things were somewhat ok. even tho i feel HOP2 is kinda a downer after AF2 but compared to this what i see as cheap monthly content HOP2 is really great! lol

Plus playing as free to play was realy fun too since free to play get most of the best levels ever! like FOS1 , Fo2 , Skyler, Akhram and many other fun content. I guess if you stay free to play at leas you be having fun with these. darn why did I even change to legendary....hmm back to the bar lol!

The monthly content really make things start to suck. When comparing with what was done before. BombShell raid, the raid want not to bad but Bombshell was only 1 raid! I was expecting something like a whole 3 month with all bombshell since it was promoted a lot like maybe 2 alert, 3 raid, 1 duo all about bombshell. thus beginning the monthly crap.... with what I see as cheap content and rushed rehashes.

But again my point here was it sucks now and really sucks but I feel there actually exist a time when it didn’t suck so bad. and even what may be weird now as seeing electric DPS happily DPSing happened only a few months ago, but thanks to this mid range balancing this is basically gone, just made a worse gap.


01/16/2016 5:50am

DCUO Forums

What also I notice happens in DCUO forums is the stupidity of trying to perceived deceive but in turn is just stupidity

for example lets says DCUO created an apple that is blue in color , people on the forums may post that apple is red not blue, then some butkissers of the forum would give all kinda stupid argument that apple is really blue. they will try and overwhelm the post with their stupid argument and people may get frustrated and stop posting. And thus as if the butkissers won.

But really it does not convince anyone really only in the perceived forum it may look like that but what happens is it just frustrated more people and more people still leave anyway.

Thes butkissers dont assumlish anythng but just make it more frustration and frustrates more. And thus this kind attitude is not really helping but just makes things worse.

Kinda like a play, where a hero may fake killing of a super villain but everyone know that is a fake version. however the hero thinks he has convinced the masses that he actually did kill the super villain but only is lost in his own stupidity and does not really convince anyone at all.

03/02/2016 8:40pm

It's called Delusional behavior, and their is no cure for it period. I too have noticed this on every single forum I have ever been a part of. I mean short of "hitting them over the head with a heavy blunt object" you can argue until your literally "blue in the face" and it won't make a dent in their reasoning. And the second part of this is called "white knighting" here is a definition* In forum parlance, it means rushing to the aid of another poster for whatever reason. An accusation typically reserved for when a poster is being hammered by another poster(s) and the accused leaps in to defend them, usually without thinking things through as to why the person is being attacked.* A very nasty and common practice among forum use. And I agree with you 100% it's fucked up. And the administrators and moderators , could fucking care less. Some would even say , this was considered "normal behavior" on forums. In fact it has happened to your truly. I was actually told that on a Square Enix forum. By an Administrator, So, I definitively know where your coming from:) And when I mean "most" are delusional I mean 99.% of the DCUO crowd. With very few exceptions.


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