Now stop me IF you have heard this all before?
I had been posting on the DCUO forums for about a month? And then I log in one day and I get this bullshit! 
DC Universe Online Forums - Error
You have been banned for the following reason: Banned 7 days for trolling.. If you wish to appeal this ban, please contact a member of the Daybreak Games Community team. Your ban will be lifted on Jan 30, 2016.

It doesn't really bother me that I got banned. Well this forum is the typical bullshit I have sen on forums before. Basically "zero moderation" and IF it does have any "moderation" it's bullshit and corrupted as usual.   But I have to admit I have the ability to "appeal" a ban?  That is IF the fucking site will let me. Yet apparently, It locks me out and freezes my account to  well I am just assuming so I can't log out and log into another account? Basically it prevents "sock puppeting" I am fine with you not letting me post on your forums but you lock me out of my email and other "stuff" that is just plain bullshit! So fuck you, Daybreak Games and the horse you rode in on. And yes I did contact "support" and they had no record of my banishment. So I won't be posting on your shitty gay forums anytime soon?  Again! fuck you Daybreak Games. 



01/29/2016 5:36pm

EverQuest II, DCUO

Just something I find interesting, if you are an all access member, and play EverQuest II, daybreak seem to treat you quite decently there.

For example contact support and get a response within a few hours if you tag it as EverQuest II but tag it as DCUO and maybe in a few days you may get a response which say that they are too busy to do that.

Maybe even better treatment with H1Z1 too?

So DCUO is somehow a black sheep of daydream games? kidna weird I think but something interesting to note.


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