With the new Hitman game being "eposodic" this will be "the" spy game to play in 2016. So I though I would go over some stuff about Alkhine's Gun you may or may not know?

Explore 11 Wide-Open Levels
  • Through 11 levels set in both military and civilian locations, Alekhine will have to fight and sneak his way through highly protected zones to complete objectives.
  • Enjoy the lush realism of the historical setting in levels set in Europe, America, and Cuba.
  • Each immersive, non-linear level will contain multiple routes to success, rewarding players who take the time to explore and optimize their strategy.
  • Hidden rooms and paths will help the sharp-eyed player, increasing stealth rankings, unlocking more weapons, and providing more stealthy approaches to each mission.

Eliminate Key Conspirators
  • As a trained assassin and CIA operative, Alekhine boasts a wealth of abilities to dispose of enemies.
  • Engage in shootouts with deadly enemies or take the stealth approach with poisons, garrotes, and knives.
  • Attack with straightforward combat and mow down your enemies with a selection of guns or stage “accidents” using disguises and manipulation to keep your hands clean.
  • More stealth means more rewards--maximize your Stealth Rankingsby completing levels undetected and gain access to powerful weapons.
  • Carve your own path, choosing to blast away enemies with powerful weapons or sneak and deceive your way through each challenge--Alekhine’s Gun allows for total freedom in completing your objectives.


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