Again as a "personal rule" I think that when you Vs. something it's rather childish. Of even "fanboyish" but in this case it's about poetic justice;) So I will be arguing the "pro's and con's " of each movie? And Ultimately pick a winner:) 

  •   Marketing -  Just looking at the poster's for both movies above, well Star Wars is just a typical Star Wars poster. It definitively doesn't get me excited for  Star Bores lol! Now Deadpool on the other hand, that's a fucking poster! It definitively set's the "tone" for the upcoming movie :)I would be very proud to display that poster on my wall.  So this round goes to Deadpool. 
  • Time- meaning how long people have waited for a movie to come out?  Revenge of The Sith released in 2005, and the TFA released in 2015. So 10 years.  Now Deadpool , has been 17 years in the making? Way back in 2000, a stand alone Deadpool was announced.  it should be noted back in 2000, Ryan Reynolds was on a TV show. Entitled (Two  guy's a girl and pizza place) So this round goes to Deadpool as well:) 
  • Sequels - knowing the fact that the Disney Company owns the "rights" to Star Wars. You expect a sequel in about 6 months:p But in all seriousness,  Star Wars episode VIII and IX are May 26, 2017 and May 24th 2019.  As for Deadpool, a "potential Sequel" is in development as of September 2015. So this round goes to the TFA.
  • Movie Rating-  TFA being rated Pg-13 the 2nd Star Wars movie to receive the PG-13 rating. The 1st being 2005's "Episode III Revenge of the Sith".  Now moving onto Dedapool, this will more than likely get on "official" R rating. But it's not the 1st "R rated Superhero movie, to receive an R rating. So between a Pg-13 movie and R rated one? I'd still go with the R rated movie anyway of the week. So this round goes to Deadpool once again. 
  • Starring Cast- Deadpool you have Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J Miller, Lesile Uggams. Everybody pretty much agrees that Ryan Reynolds was literately born to play this role. Just like Robert Downy Jr and Patrick Stewart respectfully.  
  • And with Star Wars you have the old cast returning like Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher etc. And then you have a bunch of UN known's which is both good and bad.

    So ultimately, Deadpool is the clear winner here you have and R rated Superhero movie, a strong and established cast.  Plus it's a brand new movie franchise and let's face it Star Wars is Star wars. 




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