And that's  a very good thing to point out, when it comes to Fallout 4. I will admit I really wanted to he fallout 4. I have never been a complete huge fan of Bethesda games that's no secret. But I am having a blast with follow for in fact I think he could be game of the year 2015 This is definitely RPG gaming at its best. Wow! what can I say about this game that I like and I dislike about fallout 4. For one thing the combat has changed a lot, no longer do you have to worry about repairing your weapons which is a nice change of pace.  You know nothing sucks more in previous fallout games where your weapon always broke! And to have a really good weapon and it broke on you all the time was really, really frustrating. Of course you are still low on caps and ammo but that's always been a fall out staple. In previous fallout games you had, stats space which have now been replaced simply by perks. I also like the fact that when I level up my character I don't necessarily have to spend my experience points. I can usually wait until I really need a particular perk and then use it.of course the AI is still incredibly stupid! Now you unfortunately can only have one companion of the time unlike in Fallout New Vegas. but at least you can switch them on the fly. You now have early access to power armor in the game, but unfortunately this power armor comes with batteries or "fusion cores".
So the case of your power armor, but batteries are not included kids! what I find about this game the fact it's incredibly fun. I have played in at least 25 hours already, I am still enjoying the hell out of this game;) I like the fact that this game starts out very simple in its ideal of telling a story. See the most important thing an RPG is story, and that's one thing that fallout for nails completely! 

So what's the bottom line here, IF you enjoy games like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Until Dawn. You will also enjoy, Fallout 4. So I rate this game Hardcore Rpg. Meaning this is for the Hardcore rpg fans out their like myself :) That have been "hungering" for a real good  role playing game in quite a while. Were talking "game of the year good here"
so that's theTRUTH about Fallout 4. 



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