"it's a closed world after all"
My main "staple" as gamer has been the RPG, from Crystalis to the Legend of Zelda. I have pretty much played em all;)  And as a RPG as a "whole" is rather disappointing:( Now I have never been a huge fan of "turn based combat" although it should be "noted" that FF1 was turn based. I think it's because of the whole "action point thing" and the fact this is not an "open world game" which in my opinion is a step back when it comes to rpg's.  It's not that DOS is not a fun game, it's just limited by the fact it's an RTS rpg. Your called into "action" when your sent into investigate a murder, and it turns out to be more then you bargained for. IF it wasn't for an online guide? I would forever still be stuck in the main town of Cyseal????

Here is one of the comments someone on IGN wrote and the fact IGN also cut,copied and pasted their review from the PC version, so disappointing.

squareandrareNOV 2 2015 8PM

...did I play the same game as all these reviewers and posters?

Did you all play the game that insta-kills you for digging up a grave, then requires you to dig up a grave later in the same town?  The game that kills you because you didn't exit the town through the correct exit?  The game that doesn't explain any of the stats, then requires custom builds even in the early-game?  The game that makes story decisions based on Rock-Paper-Scissors?  The game that can't even design a competent inventory screen?

I feel like we can't be talking about the same game as the one that I just uninstalled.  God, I wish PSN had refunds.

So what's theTRUTH, unless you truly enjoy "turn based rpg's " then this is either a rental or a complete pass. So I have to give it and RTS fanboy, as my final score. Meaning IF your an RTS fanboy, then you will truly enjoy DOS "Enhanced Edition" 

and check out the cut copy and paste review form IGN
http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/10/27/divinity-original-sin-enhanced-edition-review  "how fucking lazy can you be? "smh" 


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