So they officially announced the VGA's 2015, recently and  I'm definitely excited for that. Absolutely agree with the nominations this year, but I'm glad that they don't let the general public vote on these things anymore because that's the obvious they would pick the most stupidest choices out there and it would end up being Witcher 3 for every category out their:( 
It would definitely end up like the episode of Simpsons, where they have a film festival. And basically it was a crossover with the other TV show The Critic, and I remember the show episode where Marge didn't want Homer on the jury because she knew he would pick the dumbest choice out there. And after looking at the YouTube page, you can definitely see why this is this is a bad idea! So again I'm really glad they're not letting the general public vote on the important game categories of 2015. Annihilation gaming



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