Granted this isn't the smartest thing I have ever done. But then again, when ever have I made the "smartest" choice;) I have attempted to sign up for the Capcom PR website, at least 2 or more times. Now since I don't make a single dime from this website. It's about using assets, without having to pay for them. Now there is the issue that gets stuck up in my craw!  
This is what is says officially in the email, I received from them "Thank you for requesting a login for the Capcom Entertainment Press Center. We are afraid that we cannot give you access to the site at this time. You may not have provided sufficient information, so in that event, please feel free to re-apply with complete information. If your site is not evaluation ready (under construction, not yet launched, have not updated recently, etc.) please note that we may not be able to approve you at this time. Please feel free to reapply at a later time. "

Now it should noted that Capcom hasn't  updated their own personal website since September 15th, 2015? And it's now November 20th 2015. 
And If  you look back at the e-mail one of their criteria says and I quote "have not updated id recently" now only personally I cannot stand people that are hypocrites or have double standards. To me this seems like a double standard!  so I guess from now on I'll just have to pay for their assets to use them on my website. Granted I may not have the ability or time, because I'm just one person working on this website. And I bust my "balls" trying my best to update it as well. But I absolutely hate! double-standards. 
Here are the listed games for the website 
MotoGP 09/10 PS3, X360 TBAUmbrella Corps PC, PS4 2016Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS 23/02/2016Street Fighter V PC, PS4 16/02/2016Darkstalkers Resurrection PC Jan 2016Resident Evil Origins Collection PS4 January 19, 2016Mega Man Legacy Collection 

and that's all too be released. It's a shame really:( I remember back in the 80's when Capcom was a "powerhouse" of gaming. So, I guess I won't be covering any Capcom games on Annihilation Gaming anytime soon? P.S. I will not be putting your RSS feed on my website anytime either.  So shame on you! Capcom PR. 



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