Reddit is at again, REMOVED: RULE 6.2WWE 2K16 review embargo lifts 1 full day AFTER release. (self.Games)

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[–]Das_Sensentier [score hidden] 3 hours ago 

It´s a shame really. Not saying that this game is going to be bad but come on. There is no good reason for a review embargo except hiding something from the reviewers. Not happy about this.

[–]frostPanic- [score hidden] 3 hours ago 

That isn't correct if I've been keeping up with it right. Pretty much no one got review copies (until a few days ago) except IGN because 2K spent a lot of time with people like CMPulse releasing gameplay footage. So the embargo isn't being held that long it's that no one has a review ready yet.

[–]SSVAV [score hidden] 3 hours ago 

The fact no one got review copies on time doesn't exactly show their confidence in the game either

[–]Clevername3000 [score hidden] an hour ago 

Actually I think it's 2K realizing that they can make a bigger splash by giving release content to Youtubers rather than reviewer's. The game isn't much different than last year's.

[–]frostPanic- [score hidden] 3 hours ago 

They've been pretty candid with gameplay videos and making sure everyone realizes that they know where they went wrong last year. The gameplay was solid but the content was lacking because devs changed due to the THQ death and moving to next-gen.

[–]Das_Sensentier [score hidden] 3 hours ago 

Still, the point is the same. It´s one thing to show some videos of the game but if there are no review copys. That´s just not a very good sign from a consumer standpoint.



10/26/2015 11:00pm

Not particularly partial to WWE games since back in the day of the ps2 and raw vs smack down I they would revamp and refresh that series


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