Well another year and another WWE game has come and gone. And again it's another disappointing year:(  OH! where do I begin?  You know I had a "sneaking" suspicion that, the biggest draw of WWE 2k16 was going to be the "over 120 wrestlers" and I was right. Oh and not to mention they're locked off in the beginning:(  Thank god! for the "accelerator". Now it's never been a secret I have been a huge fan of the Showcase Mode or Road to WrestleMania story mode. Because I'm reliving a bunch of matches, which is great IF your a WWE fanboy.  Well not since Smackdown vs. Raw 2007;) And this years Showcase mode focuses on Stone Cold Steve Austin, which is pretty cool because he no longer wrestles. Aside from that you have the My Career mode on Xbone,Ps4 only. And like last year it's a huge disappointment as well it's allot better then 2k15, but that's not saying much. So I hope your a fan of NXT? Because you will spending allot of time in NXT , before you can even think about "progressing" And thought Baron Blade was a huge "pain the ass"! Well their is a new asshole in 2k16 and his name is Tyler Breeze. And on a personal "note" that has to be the absolute dumbest name for a wrestler in the the entire history of the WWE. You spending allot time with this "douchebag" so buckle your seatbelts people it's going to be a very bumpy ride. This guy right here

You know to say the AI in the game is "cheap" is understatement, when it comes to My Career Mode. Well because when you start out your basically a "nothing" you underpowered:( That means you have to un lock every single ability, and that take forever. In order to prove my point, I played a one on one match in the regular single player mode. As the Honkey Tonk Man vs. Tyler Brezee , and wiped  the floor with him;)  The game offers this, MyPlayer KickStart (PS4™ system and Xbox One Exclusive)
     •    Players will gain instant access to boost created Superstar ratings and attributes in the game’s MyCareer mode;
     •    MyPlayer KickStart will be available for a suggested price of $9.99.

And I highly suggest you get it, unless you want to be stuck in NXT forever:(
See in order to advance to the WWE and the "Authority" , which is where I rather be then "stuck" in NXT:(  You have to become NXT champion, which in this game is pretty much impossible. Because it's so, un balanced. "Sigh" see when a game becomes more frustrating then "fun" I start beginning to lose interest. Now on the other hand IF you one of those "gamers" that enjoys boring and repetitive tasks? You'll think this game is grater then the invention of the wheel:P   I did play a little of the Universe Mode, but that's still basically the same thing. Match after match, they did bring back player injury's and brought  over some of the rivalry stuff. But I really wished I had been able to rent this game, instead of flat out buying it. "Sigh" every single year, like a "sucker" I believe that Bullshit that WWE and 2K sell. And I tell myself "it's going to be good" and every single year I'm disappointed:(  Um, their is a good reason they don't put demos or review copies out. Because 2k knows that this game is going to yet another disappointing p.o.s !  

So theTRUTH!  this is definitely one for the diehard Fanboys, you know the "type" they still think wrestling is "real" and they enjoy boring and repetitive tasks when it comes to gameplay. But IF you have to play? WWE 2K16, I highly recommend you rent this game first. Otherwise, you will highly be disappointed.

And that's the bottom line ! Because, Annihilation Gaming said so:)   


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