I'm reposting the Jimmy Kimble video on him responding to YouTube gaming.  Because this the point of my latest rant, "condensed gaming" . What is "condensed gaming" , it's what Jimmy Kimble said "it's like going to a fancy restaurant and paying others to eat your food for you.  When he's saying and I'm how stupid it is and how pointless it is.
And it comes down one thing, "self-entitlement"  and people wonder why I hate the internet, YouTube, Twitch. Now not everyone on YouTube is self righteous jerk. My good friend Lifespiler79 :) Is that exception to that rule. So you should go check him out , and listen to what he has to say. You won't be disappointed.
I also talked another trusted friend Nick, and asked his "thoughts" and he told me that kids will  watch others for hours on end,play games.  And it's not about the discovery , it's about I can do it too.  And I'm thinking to myself "what the fuck?!" Now it should be noted, I'm OK with screen shots. Because at least , you can leave it up to your imagination. Now granted in my day, it was gaming magazines galore.  LOL! and gamers always "bragging" about their gaming collection;) Unfortunily, it's only going to get a lot worse:( So what's the whole point of playing a game anymore? Their is none.
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