Until Dawn is one of those games , you HAVE TO PLAY! Especially IF you enjoyed Heavy Rain and Beyond two Souls?  Wait please forgive me watch some asshole play;] Because I forgot, no one actually plays games anymore lol! Unless it's Gaylo, Call of Douche, Assassins Greed or WWE "rolls eyes"Which is unfortunate because Until Dawn, was not the game I expected?

Torture Porn

This game starts out like your "typical" horror film , and then something goes really wrong ? Really fast, and that's what sets the  tone of the game  Or so you think? Until Dawn "borrows " from every horror cliche' imaginable , especially from the Saw series. And yes allot of the "horror" is consider torture porn, so keep that in mind IF you have a weak stomach;] Thankfully , yours truly is desensitized to all this stuff. So it really didn't phase me;]

Boo! did I scare you?

As mentioned above , I don't scare easily. Again I have seen every type of horror movie mentioned. So it takes allot to scare me?  But towards the end of Until Dawn , I genuinely had a few moments:] But if like "cheap" and "cheesy scares" , and if your afraid of your own shadow lol! Then you'll be genuily be scared:p

Don't Move!

I have to be completely honest with you here, this has been the best use of the Ps4 controler since launch;] In fact you can play "standard" or "motion sense" I went "standard" with my play through:p  Pretty every thing you do in Until Dawn ,is "quick time" on "contexual" and boy does the "contexual' part get annoying! Especially when opening pretty much anything lol! And I have to point this out as a diehard horror movie fan, wtf? Is up with this whole "walking fast" bullshit! It's a horror movie , you fucking run! You can "run" as long as it's a part of the game:[

The "Butterfly Effect "

The main "gimmick" of Until Dawn is the whole "Butterfly effect " and it works quite well here, your every action absolutly effects how the game plays out. Every action can have serious consequences, IF you don't pay attention ! At first I was thinking " yeah ! yeah! heard this bs before ? But this time it really does. From everything to how you interact with your "group of friends " to whom survies and the how the game utilmatly ends? For the "record" I ended up with one survior:p Suposiidly, you can finish the game with all eight surviving? And to that I say to you, "good luck" with that ;]

Is someone there?

One of the "strengths" of Until Dawn is the whole astmosphere of the game, you genuinely feel like your right in the middle of the horror film. WOW! From the "claustrophobic" feeling that your trapped in the middle of winter. To the "sounds" that you hear?  I don't want to spoil it for you sorry. But believe it really works very well, especially in some "quick time" events;]

What a Twist!

Until Dawn starts out like your "typical cheesy horror film " and you think whom the "killer is" ? And towards the end of Until Dawn, Let's put this way, the SHIT! gets REAL!  And again , without giving too much away ? It's really not what I excpected. And again I have seen alot of horror films, so yeah!

So, What's the "TRUTH" about Until Dawn ?

One of the best damn games I have played since Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls:] In fact  all though it won't be consider by most, "legitimate" gaming websites:p I think it should at least be considered for GOTY? Because it really has everything a GOTY game should have, a good believeable story. Well "fleshed" out characters , good voice and acting performances. A Well designed and thought out game. Good use of the PS4 controller , and finally a good ending and set up for dlc? Or Until Dawn 2?
AND AS A "TIP"  for those "people" that hate the {End Credits } it's definitely worth checking them out:]  Unfortunately I couldn't tell YOU, much about the game without really spoiling it sorry.  But I can tell you to REDBOX or GAMEFLY it? Because you can beat the game in about {10 Hours} Thankfully when you do beat the game, you can go back and RE-play certain missions and change the game so to speak. But at 10 hours it's not the worth the price of of addmission, on this particular scream ride;]Annihilation Gaming


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