Yes even your wolf companion, DD aka Diamond Dog has an eye patch 0_o.I get the whole "your pet is suppose to look like the owner " But in this case, I think Hideo Kojima went a little too far?  OK? think about this for just a minuet, this dog lost his  eye.  We don't know how the dog lost his eye ok? It could have a "nature kinda thing" on the otherhand some "fucking bastard" shot a wolf in the eye:[ That's not cool, my buddy Nick have been discussing the whole "eye thing" and he now feels allot bettter. Because the poor wolf pup, was already missing and eye:[ Hence the whole "eye patch " because now it makes total sense:p  I was fucking "bored" one day, and I started to think? What IF it could talk? And who would give it a voice? And I thought , Samuel L. Jackson duh! It  would be fucking "poetic" in the sense he plays Nick Fury in the Avengers:p It's too bad, you couldn't re-name D-Dog? Because I would totally call him "Nick Furry" get it;] "P.S. pay close attention to the video for the "MONEY SHOT" Also when the pup yelps! In the video. That's "animal code" for HOLY SHIT;]



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