My very favorite cut scene in the game, also FYI for you "so called " music experts out their "rolls eyes"  That's the legendary , Patsy Cline singing the song [Crazy] and not the character Lady Death. Any hoo! Enjoy ;]



Wendy from Directv :)
08/12/2015 8:24pm

Hey there! I promised I'd stop by and leave a comment... so here I am! I think what you're doing is a great and I told you we were two peas in a pod... you've got my support! I also blasted my FB and the other forum for you...
Best of luck to you... :)

08/18/2015 6:07pm

That's right folks! Wendy here is the REAL DEAL, when it comes to geekdom. Her husband is a composer for movies, in fact he did the soundtrack to a couple zombie titles you might have heard about? Ok one is a TV show called (Town of the Living Dead) and movie called Thr33 Days dead. Both were on the Syfy network. And at least one was on V.O.D. She is a major fan of the Marvel character
Loki, because she put it "very mischievous like the character himself" And both psyched for the new (Evil Dead Series, Ash vs. the Evil Dead) which is coming exclusively to the Starz network this Halloween 2015. And this is a message to my "clears throat" other friends, that I have know allot longer then Wendy:) That a complete stranger , I talked to one the phone once mind you;) Not only did she post on MY WEBSITE, and her Facebook and a metal, goth, industrial forum and apparently one of the largest forums out their? This all came from a complete stranger, at the time:) Now IF you read this and feel bad? Good! because you really should:P

08/18/2015 7:15pm

Here is the teaser for the upcoming Ash vs. Evil Dead:) And FYI, this is one of those "shows" I might actually care about? lol!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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