I'd figure I would weigh on this whole, Hulk Hogan "racism" thing for a minuet. I'm gotta say I'm pretty shocked! I have talked to a couple of friends about this, and a couple were shocked and a few weren't. I grew up watching the WWF and now the WWE.  This is the guy that told kids To all my little Hulkamaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong.
He taught "us" what is was to be a REAL AMERICAN!  And to find out that he's racist now, it kinda kills of a part of my childhood. Personally I'm glad the WWE fired him for this, but at the same time I think they went a little to far "wiping" him WWF/WWE wrestling all together? I also personally felt that he sucked as an movie actor and wrestle. But he was a HELL!  of a showman, when he would come out to his theme music. And rip his shirt , and do that thing with the whole "Hulk Hogan thing" lol!  And that's what we should remember as die hard wrestling fans. For the record, I find it deplorable and downright disgusting .

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