Gamefly is a completed "lie" and here's why.1. Throttling , what is exactly throttling ? Well it's the act of regulating something. Now of course they will deny this big-time but, all you have to is read their "Terms of Service " it's written in way that your not suppose to be able to tell? But I can tell, with a doubt.  2. Gravedigging Games , "gravediging" is a troll tactic used on forums to post on a very old post. Or a "dead thread" Gamefly does the samething, but they call it "fast return"so say you haven't rented a game in a month? Maybe your waiting , for an un released game to come out?  They will literary , go back in to your Q and take a random game? You had previously removed, and send it you. Thuss fucking up your game q. 3.New Titles, Gamefly in their commercials, say you can rent the latest release titles? That too is a huge lie.  Ok recently I had out with Gamefly , for the "millionth time" this time It was over Transformer Deviation. Everything was "perfect" until Gamefly had to fuck it up again:[  How they acomplish this ? Is they use something called "Fast Return" it's their way to "throttle" your "Q". "sigh" basically they way it works, is when you mail the game back to Gamefly? They will send out the next game on your "Q" before the game you sent back, makes to the shipping house. Problem is it's not consistant. And it can throw a "monkey wrench" into you planning on getting a specific game? Not to mention it's also done on purpose.  See thing is what Gamefly  doesn't tell the customer is they want them renting  more than 1 title a month. And Gamefly will tell you shipping preferences? But trust me you don't want to that either. Because you'll wait longer for a game:[  And don't forget about that "bullshit" 24/48 system updating "thing too. Because that will "fuck" up your plans as well.
Now I have been a Gamefly member , going on 4 years now. And my "issues" didn't start happening until after my "free trial' and since then they have been escalating.  And I have told them in the past, I was going to file a complaint with the BBB.  And they have talked me down or attemptec to "bribe" me with something ?  And of course, like an "idiot" I would back down. But not this time, I finally! filed an an official complaint with the BBB:]  See, if you were to look on their BBB page? You would see a score of an "A" well thats more bullshit. Because I learned , from 20/20 that you can "buy a score". IF it were up to me? Gamefly would get an "F-";] Because that's a score , they truly deserve.  So again , I made 2 threats 1. File an official complaint, with the BBB. 2. Write some nasty PR.  Which I accomplished both this time:]  Because again they tried to "bribe" me with a free month of service? Again this is not! What this all about.  I'm not looking for a "free ride" I'm so fucking tired of them always fucking with my "Q":[ It's about getting the games  I don't want? Vs. what I do want? And more than often, I will take one for the "team" because Gamefly expects you to that as well.  It may be an "un written" rule, but none the less they do. So IF you think your always "think" your always going to get a new game , 100% of the time. Lol! Your fucking dreaming.  Sometimes I think to myself , that business in general. Should send you somesample lube because , weather you like it or not? At some point, your going to get fucked over. Hence the the lube sample;] I'm not expecting allot from the BBB , because it's not like really do "anything' but hopefully it will serve as a reminder. As not do this again?  But at least I got some "poetic justice ":] In my next posting , I with even more "shit" that Gamefly doesn't want you to know?



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