You have been deceived! This is not the Deception game you remembered,well sort of? It has the same "generic" characters you remember. The "traps" of course, in fact you get to play 2 different characters. But what the real "nightmare" about Deception IV, is having to read the "subtitles" because this game in is Japanese.

 That's not necessary a bad thing , especially if you have been wanting to play a Japanese import. But as much I sometimes, enjoy watching "subtitled" movies. I don't want to read and play "subtitled" video games. In fact you could also say that's a pretty lazy thing to do, and this is coming form Tecmo too:( 
And of course this game has "add-ons" for premium traps on the PlayStation Store. But at $3.00-$4.00 a pop, it's just not worth it.

So here is the TRUTH! about Deception IV , unless your a "die-hard" fan of Japanese import games?  Your going to simply pass on Deception IV, um it's a possibly a rent  IF you desperate to play something.  At least until the "good games" come out;) 

P.S. I would try and explain the mechanics of Deception IV, but unfortunately it's rather frustrating and extremely hard to do so? So just play the tutorial instead , which is also in Japanese.  Because I didn't have a flipping clue as to what was going on, because the entire game in Japanese!   So instead I will post a trailer or 2 and possibly some game-play videos provided I can locate some?  And IF you can make sense of them? Congratulations! "you win a cardboard cookie or a Bucky  beaver badge;) Annihilation Gaming. Their is also a demo on the PS4 store, you should definitively download and play that first. Before you try, on tackling this game. "good luck with that by the way" :P 

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